China News Service, Lanzhou, May 30th (Reporter Liu Yutao) Students dressed in national costumes sang and danced, full of youth. On the 29th, Gansu Agricultural University held the 12th National Culture Festival. Teachers and students gathered together to enjoy national songs and dances, experience National culture, deeply cultivate the fertile soil of knowledge, and cultivate solidarity.

  "Promoting mutual respect, appreciation, mutual learning, and mutual reference between teachers and students through activities, so that teachers and students of all ethnic groups can hug each other like pomegranate seeds, and truly feel the care of each other and the warmth of the school family." Deputy Party Committee of Gansu Agricultural University Secretary Lian Zhiduan said that the university stage is an important growth period in life, and it is also a stage in which the world outlook, outlook on life, and values ​​are formed and perfected.

The picture shows teachers and students experiencing the game of throwing pots.

Photo courtesy of Gansu Agricultural University

  On the same day, the Hanfu performance "Prosperity", the Dai dance "South of the Colorful Clouds", the Mongolian dance "Standing on the Prairie and Looking at Beijing", and the Uyghur dance "Why Are the Flowers So Red" came on stage one after another, showing the unique "ethnic style" ".

As the finale of the program, the sing-along and dance "The Heart of the Children of All Nationalities to the Party" pushed the atmosphere of the audience to a climax. "We are the sea of ​​flowers in May, embracing the times with youth" singing the new journey of young college students forging ahead of pride.

  In addition to singing and dancing performances, teachers and students also walked on the stage to learn about ethnic customs, taste ethnic cuisine, watch ethnic handicrafts, and appreciate the exhibition of calligraphy, posters, hand-painting and photography works reflecting the historical changes of social and economic development in ethnic areas.

The scene was also interspersed with traditional games such as pitching pots, collecting cards and redeeming prizes, attracting teachers and students to experience in batches in an orderly manner and experience the customs of various ethnic groups.

  Ma Haifu, a student at Gansu Agricultural University, is a Dongxiang student.

He said that in recent years, his hometown has changed a lot, with wider roads, new houses, more and more people developing aquaculture, and life is getting better and better.

You must study diligently, grow into talents, and promote the construction of ecological security barriers in your hometown and the development of rural revitalization.

The picture shows the students singing a folk song.

Photo courtesy of Gansu Agricultural University

  Over the years, Gansu Agricultural University has attached great importance to ethnic work, vigorously promoted the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and deepened the publicity and education of ethnic unity and progress.

The annual ethnic culture festival is rich in content and novel in form.

  This year's school ethnic culture festival will focus on the series of activities of "national soul gathers Gannong dream, cultural heart warms youth travel", guides teachers and students of all ethnic groups to firmly establish the ideological foundation of "five identities", and effectively forge the sense of community of the Chinese nation.

  Lian Zhiduan said that he hoped that all colleges and departments would make good use of the platform of the National Cultural Festival to educate and guide students to improve their cultural cognition, form cultural identity, cultivate cultural consciousness, establish cultural self-confidence, and focus on cultivating students with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, body, beauty and labor. Socialist builders and successors.