The tallest suspension bridge in Japan for pedestrians, the large suspension bridge in Kokonoe Town, Oita Prefecture.

The town solicited songs from all over the country for "heavy metal" to be used to promote the bridge, in order to return the tourists who had decreased due to the Korona-ka.

The song chosen was a song sung by a five-member band led by a rakugo storyteller.

How did "heavy metal" change the suspension bridge?

The Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi Bridge in Kokonoe Town, Oita Prefecture, which opened in 2006, is 173 meters high and is the tallest suspension bridge for pedestrians in Japan.

The total number of visitors so far is 12 million.

However, due to the influence of the new Corona, the number of visitors last year fell to less than half of the average year.

Kokonoe Town started playing PR songs on the bridge in April in an attempt to attract new people to the bridge.

The music I chose was "heavy metal".

When I asked the person in charge of the town about the reason, he said, "Because the bridge is heavy metal."

The song is an original song created by a five-member band of rakugoka and office workers under the theme of "Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi", and the lyrics include elements of regional PR such as the bridge and surrounding tourist attractions. I am.

People walking on the bridge hummed and danced in spite of the intense songs.

We have cut out the "now" of the Kokonoe Yume Otsurihashi, which has begun to move toward the recovery of tourists.

(The video is 4 minutes and 15 seconds. It cannot be viewed on data broadcasting).