The party is still going on this Sunday morning.

A new rave party is currently being held in an old quarry in the town of Laillé south of Rennes, reports



At the height of the event, started in the night from Friday to Saturday, more than a thousand revelers were gathered on the site.

In Laillé, residents are starting to get used to techno music since it's the third rave party in a month.

A first party, which brought together between 400 and 500 people, was held in early May.

Rebelote two weeks ago with a new rave party that attracted 500 partygoers.

The municipality alerts the prefecture

Following these two events, the municipality had alerted the prefecture in a letter, claiming "to do everything possible to prevent the conduct of a new demonstration in the town".

At the same time, the mayor had issued a municipal decree "to prohibit the holding of festive gatherings which do not have authorization, which will make it possible to verbalize the offenders".

“But only the prefecture has the power to implement the appropriate means to prevent a new rave from taking place,” the municipality said on its Facebook page.

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