China News Service, Fuzhou, May 29 (Reporter Yan Xu) The first "China · Changle Sanxi Rural Photography Culture Festival" kicked off on May 28 in Fujian's provincial-level historical and cultural village - Changle Sanxi, Fuzhou, and will continue until June 6 5th of May.

  The activity is guided by Fujian Federation of Literary and Art Circles, the Business Committee of China Photographers Association, and the International Exchange Committee of China Photographers Association, and is jointly organized by the Fujian Provincial Integrity Promotion Association, the Fujian Provincial Rural Revitalization Promotion Association, the Fujian Provincial Photographers Association, and the Propaganda Department of the Changle District Committee of the Communist Party of China. host.

The picture shows citizens watching "Fathers and Old Folks - Pan Chaoyang Photography Exhibition".

Photo by Zhang Bin

  People in the photography industry believe that after China's overall victory in poverty alleviation in 2021, the focus of the "three rural" work has shifted to comprehensively promoting rural revitalization. The countryside is vast, the subject matter of photography is more abundant, the authentic rural life, and the changing face of the countryside. , are worthy of the photographer's attention and record.

The picture shows the photographic works displayed in the exhibition area of ​​Sanxi Village Theater.

Photo by Zhang Bin

  The Rural Photography Culture Festival brought nearly 50 photography exhibitions from 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country with the theme of "rural revitalization". A total of more than 3,000 works gathered in Sanxi and competed for 71 awards.

The exhibition forms include themed photography exhibitions, invitational exhibitions of famous works, solo exhibitions and group exhibitions of photographers' works.

The picture shows the photographic works displayed in the old street exhibition area of ​​Sanxi Village.

Photo by Zhang Bin

  At the same time, the launching ceremony of the 2nd Splendid China (Golden Tripod Award) National Landscape Photography Competition, the Dragon Boat Dragon Boat Folklore Collection by National Photographers in Sanxi Night Race, the on-site PK competition of the "Dragon Boat Festival Seven Days Fun" China Changle Sanxi Rural Photography Culture Festival, and photography lectures , the award-giving activities of the Photography Festival, etc., to add luster to the Photography Culture Festival.

The picture shows the children watching the photographic works on display.

Photo by Zhang Bin

  The organizer stated that the purpose of holding this rural photography culture festival is to show through the lens the achievements of Fujian Province's construction of beautiful villages and the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy in recent years, as well as the new changes in the countryside, to tell the stories of China and Fujian well, and to build a local cultural tourism brand. Set a happy time for the people, and jointly describe the "family portrait" of future rural revitalization.