On May 29, The Paper (www.thepaper.cn) learned from the Propaganda Department of Shiqu County Party Committee, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province that a lightning strike occurred in Derongma Township of the county yesterday (May 28), and seven people were excavating. The villagers of Cordyceps were struck and killed by lightning.

A staff member of the Shiqu County Government said that the relevant departments of the county are investigating the specific situation.

  According to a local villager, the seven people killed were from two families.

According to his later understanding, one of the families escaped because an adult and a child did not go up the mountain to dig for Cordyceps that day.

According to a staff member of the Derongma Township Government, the villagers were killed by lightning while sheltering from the rain. Three of them were men and four were women. The older ones were only in their 30s, and there was one child. , was carried by his mother at the time.

The staff said that there are frequent thunderstorms in the local summer, and lightning strikes have happened before, but this is the first time that such a large casualty has been caused.

  According to local villagers, during this time, almost all the people in the village went up to the mountains to dig cordyceps. The altitude of the places where cordyceps was harvested was about 4,500-5,000 meters. Extreme weather such as rain, snow and lightning on the plateau were relatively common, but people were struck by lightning. There are really not many cases.

  Shiqu County belongs to Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan, and is close to Yushu, Qinghai. It is one of the most remote county towns in Sichuan Province.

The county seat is 4,178 meters above sea level, surpassing Litang County, and it is a veritable "high city in the world".

  Peng Mei News noticed that the Shiqu County Meteorological Observatory issued an early warning message at 16:52 on May 28, saying that local lightning, strong winds and heavy precipitation are prone to occur in the afternoon and evening.

On the 26th, the county also issued a lightning warning, saying that more than 20 towns including Derongma Township will have lightning activities within 6 hours, which may cause lightning disasters.

Attachment: Common sense of lightning protection in the Cordyceps digging season issued by the Yushu Public Security Department in Qinghai:

  1. How to judge whether a lightning disaster is coming

  1. Watch the TV weather forecast and the lightning disaster warning information issued by the meteorological department.

  2. Looking at the clouds and knowing the sky, when the clouds in the sky are very low and particularly dark, it is possible to generate lightning.

  3. Physical perception, if you feel your hair stand up and your skin vibrate like an ant crawling, you may be struck by lightning.

  2. How to prevent lightning disasters

  1. When you receive the lightning disaster warning information or judge that there is a lightning disaster, immediately stop the cordyceps digging and go down the mountain quickly.

Don't stop at the tops, ridges, etc.

  2. Do not avoid thunderstorms at the entrance of caves, under big rocks or hanging rocks; do not avoid thunderstorms in dripping or damp caves.

Choose a deep, dry cave, and try to get to the innermost part of the cave; keep your feet together, and keep your body from touching the cave wall.

  3. Turn off your mobile phone, and do not take pictures or make calls; take off your mobile phone, jewelry, hoes and other metal objects, and keep a certain distance from your body.

Do not use an umbrella with a metal top and handle.

  4. Keep away from tall and isolated objects such as trees, telephone poles, iron towers, and isolated small buildings without lightning protection devices.

Try to stay away from hills, rivers, and pools.

  5. When setting up tents in the wild, lightning protection devices such as lightning protection poles should be set up at a distance of more than 5 meters from the tent.

  6. Try not to walk in the wilderness during thunderstorms.

Wear plastic raincoats that do not soak in water; walk slowly and with small steps; do not ride horses, bicycles, or motorcycles; do not carry tools with metal poles such as hoes on your shoulders.

  7. Before being struck by lightning, people will suddenly feel that their hair stands up or their skin vibrates. At this time, they should immediately lie down on the ground, or choose a low-lying place to squat down, feet together, arms tucked knees, and head bowed down. Minimize exposure as much as possible.

  8. When crowds avoid lightning, do not crowd together, and keep a distance of several meters between people.

  3. How to save yourself in the event of a lightning strike

  When someone was struck by lightning, they quickly dialed the "120" emergency number.

In addition to being burned by lightning, people who are struck by lightning will also experience suspended animation of sudden stop of heartbeat and breathing. Three first aid methods should be used:

  1. First lay the person flat and unbutton the clothes.

  2. Mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration.

  3. Perform cardiac compressions more than 5 times, if unsuccessful, repeat 2 and 3.

  The Paper reporter Xue Shasha Xuhui