On Tuesday, Ricky Gervais' new show, titled


, appeared on Netflix.

A performance made up of several jokes taking the trans community to task, the British comedian joking in particular about the possibility that a trans woman with a penis rapes an “old-fashioned” woman, that is to say a woman “ with a uterus.

And a good number of Internet users did not hesitate to let it be known that they were shocked.

“Ricky Gervais does a skit on trans people.

How daring.

How innovative.

How heroic!

“, Tweeted with sarcasm a user, another having not hesitated to call for a boycott of the platform: “Netflix broadcasts the most transphobic show ever appeared where Ricky Gervais makes jokes about trans women raping women in the toilets ".

To what degree to take Ricky Gervais?

Well aware that his jokes would not please everyone, Ricky Gervais still ends his show with a little clarification.

“In real life, I obviously support trans rights.

I support all human beings, and trans rights are human rights.

Live the best possible life”, he says, before adding a layer: “Use the pronouns you prefer.

Pick the gender that you feel is yours.

But cut the pear in half, ladies.

Forget the dick.

That's all I'm saying."


Ricky Gervais will not apologize and intends to continue to make fun of the stars

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