The year 2022 is a year of meteorological records in Nice.

After a month of January which was the sunniest since 1943 and the opening of the Météo-France station in Nice, a record heat in April, the capital of the French Riviera has just recorded, on Friday, the day but also the night , the hottest for a month of May.

The thermometer read 31.4°C during the day and 23.5°C at night.

“The mercury did not drop below 23.5°C last night.

This tropical value therefore beats the record of May 26, 2011 with 22.3°C”, indicated Météo Côte d'Azur – Live on its Facebook account on Friday.

Sam, the author of the post, also clarified about the record for the hottest day: "The previous record was 30.3°C, on May 27, 1972. This value is +10°C from normal seasonal.


"And to think that summer hasn't started yet!"

“, he concluded.

On Tuesday, the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture placed the majority of the department on “drought alert” in the face of a significant deficit in water recharge.


Nice: The previous heat record for the month of April, which dated from 1946, has been beaten


Alpes-Maritimes: 153 out of 163 municipalities on “drought alert”, an “unprecedented” situation according to the prefecture

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