Simulation games, which involve building civilizations and defending them against other players if necessary, are among the most popular game genres.

It is available for the desktop as well as an online version.

Most of these games eat up a lot of time and you have to "take care of" more or less constantly.

The planet simulation at is a bit simpler and less time-consuming: The developer has dispensed with precise operating instructions, which invites you to experiment in a magically simply designed universe.

At the beginning you will see a planet in the middle of the screen, which you can rotate in all directions using the mouse pointer;

on the left are four round "tools" with which you can place trees, houses, rocks or meadows on your planet.

To do this, first select the tool and then click on the planet where you want these landscapes or buildings to be.

At the lower left edge of the screen you can still select how large the areas created should be.

In this way you can create a nice range of different landscapes: from the cozy civilization to an endless forest thicket to the rugged, inhospitable rocky wasteland.

By the way, you have to accept that your artwork is ephemeral, it cannot be saved anywhere or shared on social media.

But isn't that also a little relaxing?

Now our question:

Which German band sang about a planet on an album whose title in German can mean both "shrink" and "psychiatrist"?

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The closing date for entries is June 1, 2022, 9 p.m.

The solution to last week's puzzle was "Mad Men," where "Mad" refers to Madison Avenue.

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