China News Service, Guiyang, May 29 (Yuan Chao) On the 29th, the Guizhou Provincial Fire and Rescue Corps held a safety practice activity for children's script play on fire protection themes. Learn about firefighting.

  The script was jointly created by Guizhou Fire Protection Omnimedia Center and Xinghu Children's Drama Tour.

According to the Guizhou Provincial Fire Rescue Corps, the purpose of launching the script is to innovate the way of popularizing fire protection knowledge, so that children can immersely learn fire fighting, experience fire fighting, and feel fire fighting, not only to play, but also to exercise children's ability.

The picture shows the cover of "Little Heroes of Fire Fighting" launched by the Guizhou Provincial Fire Rescue Corps.

Photo courtesy of Guizhou Fire Rescue Corps

  The reporter noticed that the script includes adventures and exciting links such as breakthrough, advanced exploration, children's logical judgment, eloquence expression, and catching the murderer one after another.

By playing the roles in the play, the children participated in the fire, escape and other scenes set in the play, and the firefighters helped the children to break through the barriers by teaching fire fighting knowledge.

  "Incorporating fire knowledge into the story, role-playing into life, truly allows children to learn through play and progress through learning." Gong Weijia, a firefighter from the Guanshanhu District Fire Rescue Brigade of the Guiyang Fire Rescue Detachment, introduced the entire script. During the tour, the children fully threw themselves into their roles, united to detect the fire, and the firefighters turned into DMs (the moderators of the script tour) to lead the children to break through the barriers, strip the cocoons, restore the fire scene, and reveal the real culprit behind the scenes.

  During the on-site escape drill, the children looked for the clue cards needed in the scripted game while protecting their own safety, simulated the difficulties that would occur in the process of fire rescue, and experienced the complexity and value of firefighters' work.

The picture shows the fire safety knowledge set in the script.

Photo by Yuan Chao

  "Learning fire protection knowledge from the plot is entertaining. Children can not only experience the plot, but also learn fire protection knowledge." Gong Weijia said that he will continue to promote fire protection knowledge in the form of scripted games, so that more children can participate in it. , so that fire safety education penetrates into the hearts of children, thereby affecting a family.

  On the same day, the firefighters led the children to visit the fire station to experience the life of firefighters from a distance. The firefighters showed the children how to use the fire escape rope and how to use the fire extinguisher oil pool to put out fire. The interactive way satisfies its curiosity.