Ah, we had been waiting for this famous bridge in May… But the first two public holidays fell on a Sunday, putting our spirits down.

Fortunately, there was still the Ascension Bridge to catch up a bit.

From Wednesday evening, or Thursday at dawn, or after a well-deserved sleep in, many French people left to clear their minds.

Only here, if everyone left as they pleased, everyone wanted to prolong the pleasure as much as possible.

However, at some point, you have to go home.

As a result, the return roads are likely to be very congested this Sunday, according to Bison smart.

The day is classified as black on a national scale, and Morgane Sauzy, communication manager of Vinci Autoroutes Rhône Alpes Auvergne invited on France Info, even expects difficulties "from early in the morning until even midnight on certain axes ".

In Saint-Arnoult, traffic jams until the end of the night

Not a region will be spared.

“The main difficulties are expected in the South on the A7, A8, A9, A61 and A75 motorways”, indicates Bison futé, but the West will not be outdone with congested Brittany and expected traffic jams “on the A10 motorways, A11, A13, A20 and A71”.

Certain axes make you want to consider teleworking on Monday, such as the A11 between Nantes and Paris, which the site advises to avoid “between 10 am and 7 pm”.

The palm goes to the Orange-Lyon axis, saturated "from 8 am to 8 pm".

At the Saint-Arnoult toll and at the Mont Blanc tunnel, the situation could not return to normal until after midnight.

To survive this long Sunday of traffic jams, it is better to leave early and well equipped.

Take a drink, especially for children, take breaks every two hours (in any case you would have advanced 50m maximum), and remain vigilant when "accordions" are created.


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