[Live sound] Let's take a look at my small vegetable garden and see what I have grown recently?

  [Explanation] The one who is showing us the "balcony farm" in the picture is a blogger from Xi'an.

Although the vegetable growing area only occupies a corner of the balcony, a variety of vegetables such as lettuce and cherry radish can be grown.

She told reporters that such a set of vegetable planting equipment is not cheap, and the cost is much higher than purchasing directly in the supermarket.

  [Concurrent] Blogger every day

  I should have been planting vegetables from around September and October last year.

The cost is quite high. The small (machine) of the small desktop is less than 400 yuan, and then the big one is discounted to 3580 (yuan).

  [Explanation] The blogger said that growing vegetables by himself is not about the yield, but about enjoying the process of planting and harvesting with his family.

At the same time, it also has good educational significance for their children.

  [Concurrent] Blogger every day

  At that time, it happened that the child was studying biology, and then he would also learn the seeds. I said that on the one hand, I bought it as a toy, and on the other hand, it was a popular science for the child. Later, I bought it and tried it out, and it was very fun.

Later, we formed a WeChat group for friends who bought the machine.

In fact, everyone (should) have such a small circle, and it would be interesting to share (will) their hobbies.

  [Explanation] There are not a few "urban farmers" who like to grow vegetables like bloggers.

According to a relevant person in charge of the operation of intelligent planting machines, online sales have increased by more than 30% each month recently, and the current monthly sales are nearly 10,000 units.

  [Concurrent] Sang Yongbo, a practitioner of smart planting products

  It can be said that it has been called explosive growth recently. Anyway, it is also based on some of our current actual situation recently, and everyone may spend a long time at home.

This sales volume should have been from before the Spring Festival last year to the present. The monthly sales growth rate has basically been more than 30%, and the monthly sales volume is now close to 10,000 units.

And we have also established a community of planting, where everyone shares the growth process of the entire plant that they have planted.

  [Explanation] Why is the balcony economy so hot?

Zhu Yi, an associate professor at the School of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University, said that growing vegetables on the balcony not only provides a new way to reduce stress, but also solves the anxiety of some people who worry about pesticide residues in vegetables.

  [Concurrent] Zhu Yi, Associate Professor, School of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University

  It is difficult to achieve vegetable freedom by growing vegetables on the balcony. More importantly, it can reduce the pressure in our hearts. This is the most important point of the "balcony economy" that has attracted much attention today.

It also has a particularly important advantage of being able to eliminate such insecurities about food safety for consumers.

From the beginning of buying the seeds, they have grown them by their own abilities, so there is no need to worry about food safety. I think this is also a very good enlightenment for the future of organic agriculture.

  [Explanation] Talking about the future development of the "balcony economy", Zhu Yi said that the "balcony economy" is still a niche market, and the market size will not be too large, but due to China's large population base, the market is still promising.

  [Concurrent] Zhu Yi, Associate Professor, School of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering, China Agricultural University

  There are a lot of Chinese people. Even if only a small number of people can persevere and persevere, then this market is promising. But if you want to say how big this market can be, I don’t think it can be unlimited.

  [Explanation] At the same time, some people in the industry remind the public that although growing vegetables at home is good, there are two aspects that need to be paid attention to.

  [Concurrent] Zou Yubo, a landscape design practitioner

  I think if we grow vegetables or flowers at home, it also needs to breathe oxygen, and it will grab some limited air from people, so the first thing is that we should not put it in the bedroom.

The second may breed mosquitoes.

Because the real carrier of mosquitoes is a body of water or some moist soil, then we may need to avoid the breeding of mosquitoes when we grow vegetables in our home.

  Reported by Chi Hanyu in Beijing

Responsible editor: [Song Fangcan]