On May 29, the second flagship store of Moutai ice cream in the world and the first in Guiyang opened.

On the day of the ice cream sale, many people came to buy and try it.

  The reporter saw at the scene that consumers lined up in front of the flagship store, and the clerks were busy taking orders, making and packaging ice cream.

The store sells ice cream in ready-made and prepackaged versions, with prices ranging from 39 yuan to 99 yuan.

Contains green plum boiled wine, tiramisu, vanilla, vanilla and other flavors.

  The ratio of Moutai wine and ice cream is the most curious detail of the outside world.

The reporter learned that in addition to adding a certain proportion of raw milk and animal whipped cream, Moutai ice cream products also added about 2% of 53 degrees Feitian Moutai.

Such a ratio is the optimal ratio range finally determined by the Moutai ice cream technical team after hundreds of experiments and taste comparisons.

  Because all the ice creams sold are added with Kweichow Moutai, which has a certain alcohol content, the store has posted notices reminding minors, pregnant women, and those with alcohol allergies not to consume it, and drivers to consume it with caution.

(Reported by reporter Pu Wensi Guiyang)

Responsible editor: [Song Fangcan]