• Ruben Ostlund seduced the Vincent Lindon jury with his ferocity.

  • “Without Filter” mocks today's society and its greed.

  • His ill-mannered side and his wicked humor hit the mark, as always.

He had told

20 Minutes

that he was ready to receive a second Palme d'Or without really believing it.

Ruben Ostlund won the supreme award at the Cannes Film Festival with

Without Filter

, a comedy as wicked as it is funny.

The Swedish director, who had already won the Palme d'or for

The Square

in 2017, goes even further with this film which ferociously scratches greed and capitalism.

"I wanted to shake the public, even shock them, to make them trust the excesses of our society," he told

20 Minutes


And it worked on the jury of Vincent Lindon, as with that of Pedro Almodovar five years ago.

Ill-mannered cinema

Ruben Ostlund's cinema is itchy on the big screen!

The director takes malicious pleasure in making the viewer uncomfortable.

This no doubt amused Vincent Lindon, who had no hesitation in doing the same with


, although Julia Ducourneau's film is far less funny.


The Square

, Ruben Ostlund had already imposed an irreverent tone that made people smile while talking about serious things.

This time

Without Filter,

a cheerfully ill-mannered film, taunts capitalism and its dross with such freedom of tone that it has everything to attract a large audience in theaters.

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A Delirious Cruise reveals the worst and highlights the relationships between the different social classes to the delight of the viewer.

There are many surprises to press where it hurts and it feels good.

We don't know if Ruben Ostlund is really going to put his second Palme in his 18-month-old son's room, as he told us, but we understand why his jubilant, insolent and unusual work won this prize.

"At least I did something for the culture and I made people happy," said Vincent Lindon during the jury's press conference.

Without filter

does exactly the same effect.

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Cannes Film Festival: Ruben Ostlund could "get used to the idea" of receiving a second Palme d'Or

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