China News Agency, Fuzhou, May 28 (Reporter Long Min) Heavy rains have occurred in the inland areas of Fujian for several days, causing many disasters.

The Fujian Provincial Flood Control Office reported on the morning of the 28th that there were landslides, road blockages, communication power interruptions and crop damage in some areas such as Longyan.

  Since mid-May, Fujian Province has entered a period of concentrated rainfall. The rainfall has a long duration, a wide range of influence, and a large accumulated rainfall, which is easy to cause geological disasters, and the task of flood control is arduous and arduous.

  According to the rainfall statistics from the Meteorological Department from 6:00 on May 27 to 6:00 on the 28th, 25 townships in 8 counties in Fujian have a total rainfall of more than 50 mm, with Wan'an Town, Xinluo District, 85.9 mm being the largest; the maximum hourly rainfall is Zhongshan Town, Wuping 51.9mm.

The cumulative rainfall from 20:00 on May 23 to 6:00 on the 28th showed that 792 towns in 80 counties in Fujian exceeded 50 mm, of which 169 towns in 30 counties exceeded 100 mm, and those in Shanghang, Dehua, Liancheng and Wuping exceeded 100 mm. 9 townships exceed 250 mm, the largest of which is 328.2 mm in Hangbaisha Town above.

  The heavy rain continued to cause small floods in many rivers in Fujian that exceeded the warning water level.

The Fujian Provincial Flood Control Office revealed that from 6:00 on May 27 to 6:00 on the 28th, the tributaries of the Tingjiang, Shaxi and Jiulongjiang rivers exceeded the warning water level by 0.45 to 0.91 meters; at present, all major rivers are at the warning water level. Below, the river is stable.

  The heavy rain also caused road water accumulation, landslides and landslides in many towns and villages in Wuping County, Longyan City.

According to the official report of Wuping County, the concentrated and heavy rainfall that began on the evening of May 26 caused a landslide, which resulted in the collapse of a factory building in the county, killing 5 people, and the collapse of another house in the county, killing 3 people.

Up to now, the search and rescue of the two on-site personnel has been completed, and the aftermath work is in progress.

  According to the official preliminary statistics of Wuping County, the disaster caused 3,106 acres of crops in the county to be damaged, 1,070 acres of crops were lost, 272 landslides of about 5,100 cubic meters, and 39 houses collapsed; 7 roads and 57 traffic were interrupted, and 5 of them have been cleared so far; damage; 10 irrigation facilities and 4 communication interruptions.

  Fujian has improved emergency response to rainstorms, and issued rainstorm warnings, geological disaster meteorological risk warnings, and offshore wind warnings on the same day.

Officials require all localities to strengthen the prevention of river floods, geological disasters, and urban waterlogging, properly do post-disaster relief, carry out restoration and reconstruction in a timely manner, and do their best to reduce disaster losses.

Up to now, Fujian has transferred 37,995 people.