China News Service, Xi'an, May 28th (Zhang Zhuofan Alina) "Opening this small bookstore is not for making money. I am a book 'addict' and want to share it with more people. Readers can find suitable books here. Your own books are the most important." Liu Ying, who runs a 24-hour unmanned bookstore in Xi'an, said that she chose "unattended" because she believed in beauty.

  When night falls, in Gunpowder Bureau Lane at the foot of Xi'an City Wall, this "unguarded" store of only 4 square meters is lit, welcoming readers at any time.

  "This bookstore has a good location, a good format, and is down-to-earth."

Mr. Tian, ​​a citizen of Xi'an, said that when he retired at home, he would go to the store to read books when he had nothing to do, and would buy books he liked when he came across it, which was very convenient.

  The reporter learned that in the selection of books, different disciplines and different types of books will be included, focusing on selecting some basic reading materials in different directions, reducing the number of "marketing for marketing" books, and finding good readability and readability through screening. Strong books to facilitate readers, so that this 24-hour bookstore can meet the needs of the general public to understand new knowledge.

The unattended 24-hour bookstore is brightly lit at night.

Photo by Zhang Zhuofan

  The reporter saw that there is also a "new social game" in this corner bookstore. The store has specially set up a book adoption grid, and readers can use "adoption" instead of buying.

There is one more heartwarming thing.

Liu Ying introduced that she also accidentally discovered a "new face" when she was cleaning the bookshelf. After some inquiry, she learned that readers who had bought books here before also put books they have read and found meaningful in the adoption box. , for other readers to access and carry out "knowledge exchange".

  The bookstore, which is "unguarded" and has no surveillance equipment, has also lost books.

In this regard, Liu Ying seemed very calm.

She told reporters that if readers really love reading or want to read books from the heart and cannot afford to pay, it is also possible to "send books" and pass on the "beauty of reading".

  "Everyone is also very concerned about the operation. What should I do if I can't make ends meet?" Liu Ying said that the 24-hour bookstore was transformed from a tailor's shop, and the rent is also within the affordable range. Usually there are more students and people shopping in the surrounding area. , will also patronize bookstores to buy, "at least to cover the cost."

  Liu Ying told reporters that she hopes to use this small bookstore as a "single spark", even if it affects a few people's reading, it is enough, and it will develop slowly in the future to drive more people to love reading.