Now Ruben Östlund has joined the famous crowd that can furnish the living room with two golden palm trees, including greats such as the brothers Dardenne, Francis Ford Coppola, Ken Loach and in fact - a long time ago - another Swede: Alf Sjöberg.

The old "ski bum" Ruben Östlund entered the industry with good self-confidence in 2004 ("Gitarrmongot"), and has since challenged colleagues with statements such as "I work hardest in the industry" and most recently "Danes are bad at doing film ”but he has always backed up his cockiness with quality.

The film world's foremost behavioral scientist

He delivers at the same level as he tailors.

Now the industry's biggest ego has probably become even bigger.

But if you have created films such as "The Involuntary", "Tourist" and "The square", you have every right to fight for the cinematic chest.

As the film world's foremost behavioral scientist, with his intricate societal dramas, he has dressed the human animal into just the brass, created an almost unique recognition, marinated in a good portion of primary and secondary comb.

"Triangle of sadness" is for the most part a wildly fun operation with hierarchies, different currencies (beauty, money) and other power structures.

It's audience-liberating humor mixed with hard-hitting - though not at all subtle - political satire.

No, Östlund has probably never been the man of the small gestures, but this time he really took it in stride, created a spectacular film experience that made the salon at the premiere rock with laughter - and later the jury to hand out the film world's finest award.