A transgender office worker who was born as a man and is now living a social life as a woman has harassment "SOGI harassment" and sexual harassment related to gender identity, such as being told "Why are you dressed as a woman" at work. He filed a complaint against his former boss and the company for damages.

The person who filed a lawsuit in the Tokyo District Court was an office worker in his thirties who works for an internet service company in Tokyo. He was born as a man and is now living a social life as a woman.

When I joined the company, I revealed to the company that I was transgender, but my boss and colleagues at the time said "Why are you dressed as a woman?" He is seeking compensation of more than 5.5 million yen for his former boss and the company, alleging that he has been suffering from mental harassment due to continuous sexual harassment such as obscene talk.

A company employee said at a press conference, "When I consulted with the company, I was disappointed that the damage was taken lighter than female employees. People with sexual minorities have difficulty speaking up, and even if they speak up, they may not understand it. Yes. I want people to be more aware that damage is damage, regardless of gender. "

In addition, Shun Nakaoka said, "It may have been overlooked in the Showa era, but the parties have been patient for a long time. I would like to appeal that it is not allowed now."

On the other hand, the company commented, "We have not received the complaint, so we will refrain from commenting. We will confirm the formal content and take appropriate measures."