"It's not just a house, it's a home." This line comes from the TV series "A Covenant of a New Home" that just premiered and ended.

The hit of the show directly brought the "absolute poverty" decoration style created by "micro cement".

  In Chengdu, there is a "post-95" guy who "renovated" a rough house by himself, which coincides with the "extreme poverty" decoration style in "A New Home Covenant".

  A rough house full of life.

Photo by Yang Haoxian

  Abandoned wooden boxes are transformed and refurbished into boxes, wastes are used to make industrial-style desks, DIY desks are made from local materials, and flower pots are made from cement hollow bricks... Recently, Yang Haoxian, a "post-95" guy in Chengdu, moved into a rough house and decorated it himself, which has become a hot search. .

  A rough house full of life.

Photo by Yang Haoxian

  The 24-year-old Yang Haoxian has used the more than 200,000 yuan he earned from his university business, plus the support of his family, to own his own house in Chongzhou, Chengdu.

In order to save money, he moved into the rough house, and while decorating himself, he also crowdfunded the decoration plan from netizens, and got "guidance" from hundreds of netizens.

  "We have many craftsmen in Chongzhou who are engaged in woodworking. At that time, we wondered if we could build a platform for producers and buyers." Yang Haoxian, who studied e-commerce in college, passed the wood products in his hometown Chongzhou through Taobao and other platforms. After selling it, I also earned more than 200,000 yuan during this period, and I also accumulated some furniture making experience for myself in the rough house.

  The original appearance of the rough house.

Photo by Yang Haoxian

  "When I lived in the rough room on the first day, I didn't even dare to turn off the lights to sleep." Yang Haoxian recalled the scene of his first day of staying, but he still felt that he was thinking too simply.

"Because there are no doors and windows, the wind blowing is a strange sound; getting out of bed and wearing slippers, the result is a foot of dust." Yang Haoxian said that the biggest problem at the beginning of the stay was the thick dust on the ground.

  The objects in the rough house are becoming more and more abundant.

Photo by Yang Haoxian

  These difficulties did not stumped Yang Haoxian, and he immediately began to solve the problem.

In the "guidance" from many netizens, Yang Haoxian quickly brushed a layer of waterproof with the master who made the ground, and the dust problem was also improved.

Since then, Yang Haoxian has started his own "renovation" road.

  Use perforated brick as a natural pen holder.

Zhu Huanshe

  The abandoned paint cabinets on the side of the road were picked up and repainted with white paint and placed next to the bed to store clothes; the discarded wooden boards were polished, and the porous bricks were used to form a desk; the porous bricks were placed on the desk and became a natural pen holder; The hollow bricks are used to make flower pots, and then the grass picked up by the river is planted into the flower pots for decoration; the discarded packaging box waste is nailed to the wooden board, and the tablecloth is spread to become a beautiful coffee table... Yang Haoxian can't spend less than 1,000 yuan, and gradually fill up his own home.

  Homemade coffee table from discarded packaging.

Zhu Huanshe

  Now, Yang Haoxian has been living in the rough room for about two months. When he walks into the rough room where he lives, the bedroom of more than ten square meters has everything.

Coffee tables, desks, lockers, beds... These "minimalist" furniture that seem to match the style of the rough room are actually made by Yang Haoxian himself.

He is gradually turning this place from reinforced concrete and dust into a home, and gradually has the breath of life.

  Homemade shelves complement the flowers.

Photo by Yang Haoxian

  "Looking at the furniture that I made myself, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Although the house is very simple, I still feel a sense of belonging and happiness when living in my house." Yang Haoxian is still enriching the furniture so that he can live in it. more comfortable.

  Recycled bins complement the style of the room.

Zhu Huanshe

  Although the rough house looks simple, it carries Yang Haoxian's life.

Framed his beloved jersey and placed it in a prominent place, brought back the textbooks he used to learn Japanese from home, dug up weeds from the river to decorate his room... In his spare time after get off work, Yang Haoxian recorded himself in the form of short videos. In addition to the decoration, Yang Haoxian also started the road of learning on the self-made desk to enrich his spiritual world.

  Homemade desk from brick and planks.

Zhu Huanshe

  For the future, this "post-95" guy is full of expectations: after earning enough money, he will find professional personnel to decorate it, and then move in with his family.

  Thumbs up for this guy who loves life!

  Author: Zhu Huan