The massacre at a high school in the town of Uvalde (Texas) shocked America.

Executions in educational institutions have long been a hallmark of the United States.

Although in everyday life the name "Columbine" was fixed for them - after the name of the school in the state of Colorado, where in 1999 two students shot 12 of their classmates and a teacher, the 1966 massacre in Austin (Texas) should be considered the first truly mass execution.

Then Charles Whitman, later nicknamed the Texas Sniper, killed 14 people, including his wife and mother, and wounded 31 people.

Whitman, who sat on the top of the tower of the University of Texas, was eliminated by ordinary policemen (the SWAT special forces were created precisely after this incident).

And they buried the Texas sniper with military honors, in a coffin draped with the Stars and Stripes flag - after all, he was not only a maniac, but also a sergeant in the Marine Corps.

56 years later, in the same state of Texas, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos came to his former school with a weapon, locked himself in the classroom and killed everyone who was there: 19 children and two teachers who were trying to protect their pupils.

The police - and there were police at the school!

- showed either criminal negligence, or amazing incompetence: at first, the guards calmly let the armed guy into the school, and then gave him the opportunity to complete his bloody deed.

Only when almost all the hostages were already dead, two officers of the border service who arrived at the scene broke down the door, burst into the classroom and destroyed the shooter.

It happened on the morning of Tuesday, May 24th.

Since then, America has been shaking from top to bottom - the massacre in Yuvalda hit the consciousness of the nation much harder than all the mass shootings of recent years.

Perhaps because the victims this time were very young children - mostly 9-10 years old, but there were also younger ones.

Or maybe the society, exhausted by the pandemic, lockdowns, BLM riots, actively curtailed "biodenomics", culture wars and other charms of recent years, has simply reached its psychological limit.

US President Joe Biden, who was just completing his Asian tour (without much success, however, failed to lure India into the anti-Russian coalition at the QUAD summit in Tokyo), promised to visit Yuvalde soon.

“I think, as a nation, we should all be there for them (victims and their parents. -


), the aged leader of the “free world” said somewhat confusedly.

“And we have to ask ourselves: when, in the name of God, are we going to do what needs to be done—if not completely stop, then radically change the scale of the carnage that is taking place in this country?”

And before the bodies of those killed in Yuvalda had cooled down, as liberal-progressive America exploded with hysterical cries: ban the sale of weapons!

Repeal the Second Amendment!

Disperse the National Rifle Association!

Social media accounts of Democratic Party sympathizers are seething these days with hatred for fellow citizens daring to mutter something about the sacred right to own guns granted by the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

Moreover, Biden himself said: The Second Amendment, they say, is “not absolute” and Congress should pass a law on arms reform.

Restricting the sale of guns and making the whole country look like New York or even Massachusetts, where owning a gun brings more problems than privileges, is an old and sweet dream of “Obama progressives”, which the Republicans resist with all their might.

The day after the tragedy, Texas Democratic politician Beto O'Rourke, a very colorful character, although not without stains in his biography, jumped up to Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott, who was speaking at a press conference, and, spitting saliva, began to shout to him in the face: “It's all because of you!

You don't do anything!"

The raging Democrat tried to call to order the mayor of Uvalde, Don McLaughlin.

“I can't believe it,” he said.

“You sick son of a bitch to come to an event like this to raise political issues!”

Ironically, the Uvalda massacre took place a few days before the annual convention of the National Rifle Association (NRA), a powerful organization with close ties to the Republican Party.

The convention will open on Friday in Houston (same state of Texas) and will last all weekend - a grand convention of gun business lobbyists, a large-scale gathering of firearms marketers, a celebration of supporters of traditional American values.

Donald Trump himself, who has always maintained the warmest relations with the NRA, is expected to speak: the ex-president has already confirmed that he will make an “important address”.

“America needs real solutions and real leadership now, not politics and partisanship.

That is why I will keep my long-standing promise to speak in Texas at the NRA convention, ”he said.

Senator Ted Cruz, Governor Abbott, and some other prominent Republicans did not abandon their intention to speak at the convention.

But all of them, of course, understand that, rising to the NRA podium just a few days after the tragedy that shook the country, they become convenient targets for criticism of the liberal media, and for noisy and noisy crowds who will certainly organize protest rallies before the conference. John Brown Hall in Houston.

Of course, the NRA leadership tried to soften the negative by issuing a press release saying that the participants of the convention will "think about" the tragedy in Uvalda, "pray for the victims ... and promise to double our commitment to keeping our schools safe."

But no one can now predict in which direction the pendulum will swing, who will be supported by the majority of Americans.

Toward the defenders of the Second Amendment,

who believe that the solution is not to ban guns, but to pay more attention to improving the psychological health of the nation?

Or towards her opponents, who are ready to lay down their bones to defend the "sacred right" to abortion, but demand an unconditional ban on the sale of weapons?

It must be said that the fate of the children who died in Yuvalda seems to be the last thing that worries democrats and progressives.

They are much more interested in such issues as protecting the rights of transpersonalities and combating transphobes.

What's with the "trans"?

And here’s what: in the first hours after the shoot, photos of a trans girl slightly similar to Ramos appeared on the Reddit website and on the popular 4chan forum (later, the frightened trans girl was even specially photographed with a cardboard on which “May 25” was written in large letters to prove that she and the gunman who was killed on May 24 in Texas are different people).

And this malicious fake, according to liberals, provoked a surge of hostility towards trans people in society, a stream of homophobic statements and other unacceptable manifestations of “hate speech”.

And then there's Arizona Republican Congressman Paul Gosar tweeted that the Texas killer was "a transgender left-wing illegal migrant named Salvatore Ramos."

What started here!

Arizona Democrats chief cerberus Laurie Roberts, calling Gosar "the king of disinformation", said that the congressman is "absolutely incompetent and cannot hold his office", recalling to him not only the "insults" of trans people, but also earlier statements that the election results 2020 were stolen by the Democrats, that Ashley Babbitt, who died in the Capitol on January 6, 2021, was “executed,” etc., etc.

“While the civilized world mourned the massacre of schoolchildren and their teachers, Congressman Paul Gosar was already saddling his favorite horse, using the shooter to attack two fronts in the culture wars of the far right,” Roberts mocked Congresswoman.

Perhaps she is even right in some ways and Gosar should not have been in a hurry to label (although not everything is completely clear with Ramos: at school he was offended and bullied, including for the photos posted on Facebook * in which he has thickly lined with mascara).

But since we are talking about culture wars, we should not forget that two sides always fight in a war.

And on the other side, the Democrats, everything is very bad.

On May 25, the day after the shooting in Texas, former US President Barack Hussein Obama decided to honor the memory of drug addict and recidivist George Floyd, whose death started a wave of BLM riots two years ago that has changed America today in many ways (not for the better).

“Just as we mourn the Uvalde children today, we must take the time to acknowledge that two years have passed since the killing of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer,” Obama wrote.

“His murder remains with us to this day, especially those who loved him.”

These days, in American social networks, only the laziest did not write about the Texas massacre.

But only Obama guessed to link the death of black George Floyd in May 2020 with the current national mourning for the children killed in Texas.

The striking lack of empathy in the former owner of the White House shocked the conservative part of American society.

“It sucks that these kids are dead, but remember George Floyd?

He's someone I still think about," Seth Dillon, CEO of the satirical website Babylon Bee, teased Obama.

“None of the mourning parents today are worried about what happened to Floyd or anyone else,” said Kyra Davis, editor of the Redstate website.

- Now, when everyone is crying loudly, this is not the time to advertise your favorite activist group (that is, BLM. - 



What an abomination!


It's not the same.

Not at all,” Fox News correspondent Ben Domenech reproached Obama.

“George Floyd is the real victim of Yuvalde,” Washington Examiner journalist Harry Khachatryan commented sarcastically on the tweet of the former president.

"Brother, it's not like that.

Young children killed at school are not the equivalent of Floyd's death after resisting arrest while intoxicated," wrote Blaze Media podcast host Jason Whitlock, summing up, "This is one of the worst tweets ever."

The tragedy at the Texas school and the reaction to it show how deep the tectonic fault that divided American society is.

It has long outgrown the usual political dichotomy between Republicans and Democrats and looks more like a confrontation between two different biological species.

On the one hand, there are normal living people, mourning the death of children and empathizing with their parents, on the other hand, biorobots blindly obeying the “progressive” ideological doctrine.

And there are no signs that any rapprochement is possible between them.

Rather, on the contrary, with each new shooting, with each new tragedy, the distance between traditionalists and progressives will only increase.

And the growing hatred in society makes new executions inevitable - no matter how horrified the whole world is now, looking at the photographs of the murdered children of Yuvalde.

* Meta product, activity recognized as extremist, banned in Russia by decision of the Tverskoy Court of Moscow dated 03/21/2022.

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