What a final day for Heidi Klum and her entourage of budding catwalk legends and jovial guest judge grand seigneurs.

The GNTM family was not granted the traditional untroubled anticipation of the big final chord of the three-month hunt for the next "Harper's Bazaar" cover girl this season.

Instead, she finds herself in a PR disaster.

Just in time for the coronation ceremony, the self-reflecting rather disinterested top model bubble suddenly had to deal with revealing videos and criticism of dubious manners instead of countless courtesy articles, powerful-voiced hymns of praise and shock-enthusiastic comment column claqueurs.

Trouble in Pluperfect Paradise?

What had happened there?

Well, ex-candidate Lijana accuses top model editors of manipulation in a YouTube unveiling video that has been viewed more than 2.4 million times by the end.

At the same time, a quote from Roger Willemsen that has probably been canceled as misogynous today dominates public discourse and countless family WhatsApp groups.

In 2009, Willemsen wanted to "elegantly and stylishly, as the poet says, beat six kinds of shit out of Heidi Klum - if only it weren't so misogynistic".

Even the investigative icon of the generation "rather blue-haired than blue-eyed" speaks out.

Rezo, who is actually responsible for the destruction of the CDU full-time, is exceptionally dedicated to the GNTM format.

And of course Heidi Klum,

KriTikTok is not an influencer video

A rather fragile overall emotional state among the audience, protagonists and accompanying tabloid journalists when Heidi Klum opened the live final show in a dream of exploding polar bears in a piano duet with "Germany's Next Top Husband" Tom Kaulitz the official title song "Chai Tea with Heidi “, well, sing.

It quickly becomes clear: Kaulitz is not Igor Levit, Klum is not Celine Dion.

Completely exhausted by her opening performance, Klum will then pass on the moderation to ex-candidate Sophie, who did not make it to the final this year, but did win the Personality Award.

A rather startling personnel decision.

Sophie moderates enthusiastically, but due to sheer overdose of reality, only as confidently as HSV completes relegation home games.

That doesn't matter with last year's finalist Soulin.

Sophie catches the Hamburg native in ecstatic anticipation: "I can't wait to see all the finalists." To which level of gasping she will probably escalate when she later also sees the five finalists.

So quickly into the final exam of this season "Germany's Next Topmodel by Heidi Klum", which does not take place at Heidi Klum's, but in the MMC Studios in Cologne.

The hall is fairly divided into five fan camps of the remaining contenders for the top model title, which is endowed with 100,000 euros and a designer gag contract: Team Anita, Team Martina, Team Luca, Team Lou-Anne and Team Noëlla.