• Since the beginning of the 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival, film students have played the leading roles in short films that they make from A to Z.

  • The apprentice filmmakers were inspired by the films included in the various selections, often based solely on trailers.

The Cannes Film Festival… as a subject of practical exercise.

Since the start of the 75th edition, film students from the Lycée Carnot, a few hundred meters from the Boulevard de la Croisette, have been playing leading roles in short films that they have produced from A to Z. By parodying films presented at the Palace.

“Each year, we try to immerse them in the event with internships, explains Jérémy Crunchant, one of their BTS teachers.

But with their exams, the second-year students were unable to participate.

We had the idea of ​​having them work on these small productions so that they would stay as close as possible to the subject.


“They had carte blanche”

Each day of the Fortnight, a pellet of less than 2'30 is therefore published on YouTube.


, the crazy film by Michel Hazanavicius presented at the opening, the second part of the adventures of Tom Cruise in

Top Gun


The Crimes of the Future

by David Cronenberg and even the

Nocturnal Confessions

of Diam's... the apprentice filmmakers drew on all the selections, often based solely on trailers.

“They had carte blanche,” says Jérémy Crunchant.

By taking care of everything.

They realize, manage the sound, the image, play the comedy.

And it's often very successful (special mention from the jury for their tribute to the Dardenne brothers).

“We started working as soon as we were able to have the final lists of all the films that would be in Cannes, explains Clotilde Gessiaume, 19 years old.

And we started filming the weekend before the opening.

The “production” student specifies that the last shorts were boxed on Wednesday evening.

“Very interesting work,” she sums up.

It's a chance to study cinema in Cannes.

We are all extremely aware of this.

And of course, it gives ideas.

We hope one day to find ourselves in one of the selections.



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