Louise Bernard 10:27 a.m., May 27, 2022

French actor Omar Sy joins forces with the HBO Max platform.

French wishes, thanks to this partnership, to develop new contents intended for French-speaking Africa, France and the United States.

This announcement nevertheless surprises part of the world of cinema.

Omar Sy had signed a few months ago, a multi-year contract with the competing platform, Netflix. 

After having made several films and series with Netflix, Omar Sy joins forces with its direct competitor, the HBO Max platform.

The French actor wants to develop, thanks to this partnership, content intended for the whole world and in particular for French-speaking Africa.

France and the United States will not be outdone since Omar Sy also wishes to develop content for these two countries.

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Next arrival of HBO Max in France

This announcement remains surprising since in October 2021, Omar Sy and Netflix, the competing platform of HBO Max, had signed a contract for several years to produce original content.

For HBO Max, it is a good catch of war since it has the ambition to develop internationally.

If we do not yet know precisely when it will arrive in France, the year 2023 is regularly advanced.

And the release of Omar Sy's productions could be a good way to attract French audiences to this new platform.