According to a survey by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, nearly 70% of respondents did not know about the contact point where they could consult about damage when writing false accusations or accusations on the Internet.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications wants to continue to make efforts to publicize the contact points set up by the national government.

This survey was outsourced to a private think tank by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and was conducted in March, with 2,000 responses.

The government and private organizations have set up a consultation desk for injured slanders and injuries caused by unfounded slanders written on the bulletin board on the Internet, and you can receive advice on how to deal with them or ask your provider to delete them. ..

In the survey, when asked "Do you know that there is a window where you can consult?"

▽ "I didn't know" 64%

▽ "I wanted to use it, but I didn't understand" 5.2%, and answered that they did not know. Was 69.2% in total.

In addition, 8.9% of the people who used SNS etc. in the past year answered that they had posted false accusations or accusations.

By age group,

▽ 20s had the highest ratio at 16.4%, followed


▽ 15 to 19 years old at 10.9%.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications says, "We will continue to make efforts to inform the consultation desk."

Tatsuya Nakajima, the secretary general of the Safer Internet Association, who is available for consultation, said, "The current situation is that people are often accusated or injured on the Internet due to problems in their daily lives. I want it. "

An association created by an IT company opens a "Hibou accusation hotline"

The Safer Internet Association, which is created by an IT company, has opened the "Accusation Hotline" in June, which accepts online consultations on accusation on the Internet.

The number of consultations last year was 2859, which means that it is on the rise.

This group responds to consultations from the victims when they write false accusations or injuries on the Internet, and when children or students are damaged, parents or school officials also contact them. We are accepting.

The content is not a pseudonym when working on the Internet, but an actual individual is identified, and if it is something that lowers the social reputation or is insulting, we are asking the provider etc. to take measures such as deleting it. ..

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