While the price of onions is soaring due to unseasonable weather, many tourists are visiting the tourist facilities in Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, which is the main production area, to buy as cheaply as possible.

At the "Uzu Hill Onion Bridge Memorial Hall" in Fukura, Minamiawaji City, you can take pictures with large objects in the shape of onions, which are a specialty of Awaji Island, and enjoy a crane game to catch onions.

In addition, soups and sweets made with onions are also on sale, and the most popular onions are the four types of onions lined up in stores.

Visitors picked up a bag of onions and bought it while comparing prices and sizes.

A woman in her 50s who visited from Nara Prefecture said, "Onions are a regular ingredient, and onions on Awaji Island are big, sweet and delicious, so I bought about 10 kg. Considering the burden on farmers, it's not good if it's cheap. No, but as a consumer, I'd be happy if I could buy it cheaply in the future. "

Also, a woman in her 80s in Kobe said, "It's very helpful now that the price is rising by hitting a bag of onions in a crane game. I eat it every day and I think I'll slice it when I bring it home. I was talking.