"There was a traffic accident at the intersection of Jinshajiang Road and Nujiang Road, hurry up and get on the bus!" Xiao Yuening told her colleagues Gu Renjie and Zhang Wei immediately after receiving the task list sent from her mobile phone.

The reporter looked down at the time, it was 20:20.

In Shanghai under the epidemic, ambulances are galloping on the empty streets. There is no usual rush of sirens, only blue lights are constantly flashing...

  In the current round of the epidemic, as an emergency staff member of the Shanghai Medical Emergency Center, Xiao Yining and his colleagues raced against time, running around the accident site, the patient's home and the hospital emergency room, guarding the smooth flow of the emergency lifeline.

They are used to seeing life and death, but they are always full of reverence for life; they are suffering and tired, but they have been gritting their teeth and insisting - "Send the patient to the hospital as soon as possible, and we will feel at ease", which is the most simple thing for them as emergency personnel. idea.

"I am used to life and death, I have never been numb"

  At 20:25, it took only 5 minutes for the ambulance to arrive at the scene of the accident.

A 50-year-old man was sitting on the ground with blood on the right side of his head and cheeks. An electric bicycle was lying on the side of the road, and the traffic police and several passersby stood by.

Gu Renjie, who has extensive first aid experience, came up to him and said, "The wound is quite big, how much alcohol did Nong eat?" "A bottle of yellow wine," the man replied.

Xiao Yuening quickly took out the first aid kit and sterilized and bandaged the wound.

  After the injured person was loaded into the ambulance, Xiao Yuening measured his vital signs, and then shouted to the cab, "It's basically normal, but there is a slight concussion, let's go!" At 20:49, the ambulance drove in and left the incident. The nearest Putuo District Central Hospital.

10 minutes later, the injured went to the emergency department for treatment.

  Before I could catch my breath, the task list came again.

"I'm an emergency doctor. I'm on the way. What's the condition of the patient?" Xiao Yuening asked on the phone.

After a while, she put down her mobile phone and told reporters helplessly: "The patient has advanced cancer and no breathing. Maybe she just went to issue a death certificate."

  When he came to the patient's home, Xiao Yuening performed life monitoring with an ECG monitor, and the results showed that all indicators were a straight line with no signs of life.

She shook her head, went downstairs to the ambulance, and filled out the death certificate materials item by item.

Not long after, the family of the deceased also came to the ambulance.

At the moment when the death certificate was signed, the family could no longer contain the sadness in their hearts, and tears welled up in their eyes.

Xiao Yuening didn't say anything, and carefully handed over a tissue.

  "During the epidemic, many communities were inconvenient to access. Before, the hospital was responsible for issuing death certificates. Now, for the convenience of residents, the emergency center has temporarily taken up this task." As an emergency doctor born in 1995, since April 1, Xiao Yuening and his colleagues stayed in the hotel for closed management.

"Yesterday the day shift was 12 hours, this morning was 4 hours of overtime, tonight was 12 hours of night shift, and there will be 4 hours of overtime tomorrow night." She briefed reporters on the schedule of these days.

  "I forgot about Dad's birthday the other day. When I found out, several days had passed." Some time ago, Xiao Yuening wrote a letter to her parents, but it was delayed.

Xiao Yuening wrote this sentence in the letter: "You often ask me if I have become emotionally numb because I am used to seeing life and death in the past few years. After this epidemic, I can answer you 'No!' I am used to seeing life and death. I have never been numb - on the contrary, I will work hard and never change my mind!"

"At this time, we must top"

  At 10 o'clock in the evening, the sky started to rain lightly.

  "Hello! Hello! Is that the ambulance you called?" Xiao Yuening looked at the task list and dialed the other party's number.

On the other end of the phone was a staff member of the Neighborhood Committee of Gulangyuan Community in Putuo District.

The airtight protective clothing made Xiao Yuening have to raise her voice: "I'm a doctor on the car, and I'm already on the road. What's the condition of the patient?"

  "The patient is an elderly man, 87 years old, who suffered convulsions and vomiting at home." Xiao Yining told everyone after putting down the phone.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the operating pressure of the Shanghai Medical Emergency Center has increased sharply.

The need for daily first aid of the public, the transfer of positive infected persons, and emergency support in Fangcang shelter hospitals and designated hospitals has been superimposed, resulting in a substantial increase in the volume of emergency services.

"The entire ambulance center has been overloaded from top to bottom - at this time, we must top it." After speaking, Xiao Yuening cast her eyes out of the car window, thoughtfully.

  10 minutes later, the ambulance arrived at Gulangyuan Community.

This is a large residential area, and the car turned around and finally stopped downstairs in the unit where the patient lived.

Everyone brought first aid equipment and trotted all the way up to the third floor.

Entering the room, I saw that the patient was lying on the cot in the living room, his eyes were slightly closed, his breathing was a little short, and his wife was busy.

  "Blood pressure and heartbeat are normal, body temperature is 39.5°C, and I have a fever." Looking at the thermometer, Xiao Yuening frowned.

Gu Renjie hurriedly carried out a new coronavirus antigen test for the elderly - "fortunately, negative".

Zhang Wei immediately communicated with the community neighborhood committee. After confirming that the transfer order was not needed, the three carefully carried the old man downstairs and placed him in the ambulance.

During this period, the old man vomited again. After cleaning up, Xiao Yuening gave the old man normal saline.

  After a while, the ambulance stopped in front of the fever clinic of Putuo District Central Hospital.

The three carried the old man to the consultation room on a stretcher, and went through the handover procedures with the medical staff.

  At this time, it was nearly 12 midnight.

"Save a little more time and save an extra life"

  "It is very hot to put on the protective clothing, and I dare not eat or drink in the middle. Try to ensure that you change the protective clothing after 4 hours, and the steps to change it are strict and it will take time. If the floor where the patient lives is high, come down once I'm exhausted." Gu Renjie told reporters that the current demand for ambulances has dropped significantly, but it is still more than twice the usual level. "Saving a little more time can save one more life."

  Usually, people only call 120 when they have urgent needs. However, during the epidemic, it is a problem for patients to get out of the community to the hospital - what if there is no transportation?

Just call an ambulance.

In special times, Gu Renjie and the others will also encounter special situations: "At first, some hospitals had to be disinfected and could not receive patients, and some hospitals had no vacant beds, so we had to run patients from hospital to hospital. Some patients called 120 to report their condition. The description was very serious, but we ran over to take a look, but our fingers were scratched... In fact, these will affect the turnover rate of ambulance resources, and thus affect the patients who really need cars." Speaking of this, Gu Renjie felt helpless shook his head.

  Gu Renjie and Zhang Wei were both born in 1983.

As early as March 12, in the face of the ever-increasing demand for first aid, the Shanghai Medical Emergency Center launched an emergency plan, established a party member vanguard car group, and all members participated in the preparation shift.

"Actually, at that time, everyone had been overloaded with work for many days, but considering the needs of the citizens for medical treatment, we still carried the work." Gu Renjie introduced that in early April, the number of 120 emergency calls in Shanghai continued to run at a high level. The number of incoming calls in a single day exceeded 90,000 for several consecutive days, reaching 12 times the usual amount.

The task list that can't be arranged at all makes everyone's nerves tense at all times, and they dare not relax.

  At this moment, Xiao Yuening came to the outside of the lounge, took off his mask and slumped on the steps.

Under the dim light, her clothes were already soaked with sweat.

"Smoke in my throat!" After unscrewing a can of Red Bull, she drank it all in one breath.

"It's so tiring... But some things always have to be done by someone else. If you don't do it, others will suffer." She said every word very seriously.

  12:30 midnight.

After disinfecting the ambulance, Xiao Yuening, Gu Renjie and Zhang Wei changed into a set of protective clothing.

"A 97-year-old has trouble breathing!" After receiving a new task, they set off again...

(Jin Hao, Yan Weiqi, Zhang Lei, Zhang Zheng, reporters from the front reporting group of Guangming Daily, Shanghai, May 24)