China News Service, May 26th, People's Education Publishing House released the "Explanation on Illustrations of People's Education Publishing House Primary School Mathematics Textbooks" on its official WeChat account on the 26th.

According to the "Explanation", recently, the People's Education Publishing House has paid attention to the opinions on the covers and illustrations of elementary school mathematics textbooks on the Internet, and organized experts to study them carefully, and humbly adopted good opinions from all walks of life. and some illustrations, improve the style of painting, improve the artistic level, and give full play to the educational role of textbook covers and illustrations.

At the same time, it will draw inferences from other facts to comprehensively evaluate the covers and illustrations of the published textbooks to further improve the design quality.

  The "Explanation" also stated that it sincerely accepts supervision from all walks of life, and welcomes everyone to put forward good opinions and suggestions on teaching materials through the "Primary and Secondary School Textbook Feedback Platform" on the official website of the People's Education Society and the feedback email (

Screenshot of the official WeChat of People's Education Publishing House