[Explanation] On May 25, the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of General Zuo Quan's death was held in Zuoquan County, Jinzhong City, Shanxi Province.

More than a thousand people, including Zuo Quan's grandson Shafeng, commemorated the 80th anniversary of General Zuo Quan's death in Shiziling, Matian Town, the county through online and offline methods.

  [Explanation] In 1942, the Japanese army carried out a large "sweep" of "iron wall encirclement" on the Taihang Anti-Japanese Base.

On May 25, 1942, Zuo Quan, then the deputy chief of staff of the Eighth Route Army, died heroically in the battle of Shiziling when he was commanding troops in Matian Town, Liao County, Shanxi Province to cover the breakout and transfer of the Northern Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and the Eighth Route Army Headquarters. He was only 37 years old. .

To commemorate General Zuoquan, Liao County was renamed Zuoquan County.

  [Explanation] Affected by the epidemic, Zuo Quan's grandson Shafeng was unable to come to the scene, so he chose an online video method to commemorate General Zuo Quan with everyone.

  [Concurrent] Zuo Quan's grandson Shafeng

  My grandfather is not alone, he represents thousands of soldiers and soldiers who fought on the front lines of the Anti-Japanese War. Telling about my grandfather is telling about this group and their great spirit of striving for national liberation.

  [Explanation] On General Zuoquan Square, hundreds of people stood facing the statue of General Zuoquan with flowers in their hands.

On behalf of Sha Feng, Wang Xin, son of Wang Yapu, the former instructor of the 1st Battalion, 769th Regiment, 385th Brigade, 129th Division of the Eighth Route Army, presented a flower basket to the statue of General Zuoquan.

  [Concurrent] Wang Xin, son of Wang Yapu

  On the day the headquarters broke through, my father took a company to stand on the Cross Ridge, and General Zuo Quan gave the last battle order to the commander of the army before he died.

  [Commentary] On the same day, the public also visited the Zuoquan Martyrs Cemetery and listened to the docent's introduction to the life of General Zuoquan.

  [Concurrent] Cui Yu, representative of retired soldiers in Zuoquan County

  As a veteran, by participating in the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the death of General Zuo Quan, I have strengthened my belief in protecting the family and the country, maintaining stability and disaster relief, being a good general, and practicing hard to kill the enemy. The militia of the new era, with the attitude of a soldier and full of enthusiasm, devotes itself to the future work and training.

  Report from Jinzhong, Shanxi

Responsible editor: [Li Ji]