An executive of Moderna, an American pharmaceutical company that developed the new coronavirus mRNA vaccine, responded to an independent interview with NHK and used Japan's "urgent approval" system to provide a vaccine compatible with the Omicron strain. He expressed his desire to be able to supply.

Dr. Paul Burton, CMO = Chief Medical Officer at Moderna, responded to an independent interview with NHK in Tokyo on the 26th.

In it, Burton CMO explained that he is developing a vaccine for the Omicron strain and conventional viruses. "The data will be available in about two weeks. It will be more effective and last longer. I think it will work for Omicron strains as well. "

Regarding the supply to Japan, he said, "We are planning to use a new'urgent approval'system. We think that the submitted data will be reviewed promptly." He expressed his intention to utilize the "urgent approval" system, which enables prompt regulatory approval, so that it can be supplied in the fall.

In addition, Barton CMO revealed that it has begun to develop a vaccine for monkey pox, which has been reported one after another in Europe and the United States, by utilizing the technology of mRNA. "Japan is a world leader in the fields of science and medicine, and in the future. There are many researchers who want to collaborate, "he said, and expressed his intention to promote collaboration with Japanese researchers in regenerative medicine such as Professor Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University who developed iPS cells.