Mayor Tanaka of Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, will put up a desk and chair that was used by the previous mayor for nearly 2 million yen at an internet auction on the 27th, saying that he was "purchasing a high-priced item with tax." I have decided.

Mayor Ko Tanaka of Ichikawa City won the election for the first time in the Mayor's election in March, defeating former Mayor Hirotami Murakoshi, who was criticized for installing a shower room in the mayor's office.

Mayor Tanaka used the desk and chair that the former mayor used in the mayor's office for a total of more than 1.98 million yen, saying, "I bought a luxury and expensive one with my hobby included in the tax." not.

For this reason, the city will put up an item for sale at the "Government Auction" on the Internet from 1:00 pm on the 27th.

The lowest price for this desk and chair combined is 1,486,650 yen after deducting the value for the two years used. Applications will be accepted until the 14th of next month, and bids will be held from the 28th of the next month to the 5th of July. increase.

Ichikawa City wants to return the sales of the auction to the financial resources of the general account.