Labor victory, a new climate in Australia?

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Australia's Labor Party leader, Anthony Albanese, with his partner Jodie Haydon and his son, Nathan, after the opposition victory in the May 21 legislative elections.

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After nine years of Conservative rule, Australia has swung to the Labor camp and the new Prime Minister, Anthony Albanese, has announced that he will place his program under the seal of the fight against climate change.


 Australia needs to fix its image

 ," said Albo, as he is known back home.

During the tenure of his predecessor, Conservative Scott Morrison, the country experienced disasters of biblical proportions: fires, record floods.


This has helped to awaken the conscience of Australians.

Albanese wants to reduce CO2 emissions by 43% by 2030. The new Prime Minister has also promised to transform Australia into a “ 


 ” in renewable energies.

But is this possible when coal remains one of the engines of the country's economy?

Will the island continent be able to free itself from its dependence on fossil fuels?


today looks at the new climate that is taking hold in Australia.

David Camroux,

honorary researcher at CERI Sciences Po and teacher at Sciences Po and 

Anne-Catherine Husson-Traoré,

CEO of Novethic.


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