The popularity of young people's "DIY hair coloring" remains high

  At present, more and more young people are trying "DIY hair coloring", that is, buying hair coloring products and coloring their hair at home.

  On the e-commerce platform, many hair coloring products sell more than 100,000 pieces per month.

These products provide a variety of functions such as whitening, color changing, non-bleaching hair dyeing, and color fixing hair care to meet the different needs of consumers.

On major social platforms, the topic of dyeing one's own hair is also very hot.

  Dyed hair has become commonplace

  On May 17, Zhou Yan, who lives in Shanghai, was isolated at home due to the epidemic. She took out her hair dye stock and prepared to change herself to a cool brown to match with brighter summer clothes.

  Zhou Yan skillfully unpacked, passed the transparent shawl through his head and completely wrapped his shoulders, and put on disposable transparent earmuffs and gloves on both ears and hands.

She picked up the tube of hair dye and a bag of hair conditioner and squeezed it into the bottle of developer, shook it evenly, and put on the cap with the comb. By pressing, there was hair dye on the comb, so that she could give her hair Paint evenly.

  The trend of dyeing your own hair has fueled the sale of hair dyes.

The Tmall hair dye hot-selling list shows that the sales of hair dye can exceed 200,000 pieces within a week and 610,000 pieces within a month.

  The reporter learned that the hair coloring products on the market are mainly divided into two textures: cream and bubble. Operation is simpler.

  "Every time you dye a new hair color, you can give yourself a new look, and your mood will improve." Wang Jiaxin, who is studying at a university in Wuhan, Hubei, told reporters that at the beginning, because she was not very skilled, she would occasionally appear "popping the top". Or the case of unsatisfactory hair color, but she quickly mastered the skills and insisted on coloring her hair for 3 years.

For her, dyeing her hair has become commonplace.

Driven by her, many students around also began to dye their hair by themselves.

  Western-style high-end blue and black, warm mahogany red, temperament age-reducing linen smoke gray are Wang Jiaxin's favorites.

"Every dull winter, I dye my hair red, and dyeing my hair has gradually become a ritual full of behavior." She said that when she encounters a favorite color when shopping online, she will stock up.

  According to the "Generation Z Beauty Consumption Trend Report" released last year, in the past three years, the consumption of color hair dyeing products online for the Z generation (the generation born from 1995 to 2009) has increased year by year, and brown has always been the mainstream color of their hair.

  The price of hair coloring in the barber shop persuades many people

  "Although the durability of dyeing your own hair may be less than that of dyeing in the store, fading of dyed hair and growing new hair are inevitable. In general, dyeing your hair yourself is very cost-effective." Wang Jiaxin said, now go to the barber shop to dye it and it will not work. Hundreds of yuan or even thousands of yuan, many students around were persuaded by the price.

  Wang Jiaxin made a calculation and dyed her hair by herself. The product details page will indicate the amount of the product. Generally speaking, 1 box is used for short hair, 2 boxes for medium and long hair, and 3 boxes for long hair.

With short hair, she only needs to spend a few dozen yuan each time to achieve freedom of hair color.

  When the reporter searched for hair dye products on several major e-commerce platforms, they found that the prices of many of the top-selling hair dye products did not exceed 100 yuan.

One of the hair dye products priced at 25 yuan sells more than 50,000 copies a month, and the discount period is also buy-one-get-one-free.

  Just one month after dyeing her hair, Chen Wei's head and temples grew 1 cm to 2 cm of white hair. After the 90s, she began to grow white hair after giving birth.

At the beginning, in order not to look so old, she would go to the barber shop regularly to dye it black, but her gray hair grew quickly.

"Going to the barber shop once a month is really unaffordable, and now I'm used to dyeing my hair by myself," she said.

  Hao Yu, who has been engaged in the research and development of home hair coloring products, said that in recent years, hair coloring has gradually penetrated into the young and middle-aged. Let them enjoy the process of dyeing their hair more and more, and the frequency of dyeing will also increase.

  In addition to being cheap, easy to operate, and not limited by time and place, Chen Wei fell in love with "DIY hair coloring".

"Sometimes I have an impromptu appointment the next day, and I can dye my hair at night, which is very friendly!" she said.

  Focus on the overall experience

  "One of my favorite products is that it has no odor after dyeing, and it is much less irritating to the senses. There are two products that I will not repurchase. One is that the scalp is uncomfortable after using it, and the other is that the hair becomes dry and rough after use. "Chen Wei said that with the increase in the frequency of hair dyeing, she will pay special attention to the safety and hair care functions of hair dye products.

  A report pointed out that in the post-epidemic era, 52% of consumers regard product safety as the first consideration when purchasing hair coloring products.

Safe formulations, whether to add hair care ingredients and mild odor are the primary criteria for consumers to purchase hair color products.

  Chen Hongzhi, the design director of a barber shop, told reporters that recently, the number of customers who came to the store to dye their hair due to the epidemic has decreased compared with before, and many customers he knows will buy products to dye their hair at home.

However, there are also some customers who are not particularly satisfied with the experience after dyeing their hair at home, and will continue to come to the store to dye their hair.

  Chen Hongzhi said that if you want to dye bright and light hair, you need to bleach the original black hair, and bleach the natural or artificial dyes in the hair. If the bleaching is unsuccessful, it is difficult to achieve satisfactory results.

  Hao Yu introduced that there is no major difference in quality between barbershop hair dye products and home hair dye products, the difference is the number of colors.

Generally, there are about 200 colors in the full color palette of hair coloring products in barbershops. These colors are provided to barbers with professional skills and color knowledge. According to consumer needs, several colors can be selected for color matching, while the color of home hair coloring products is much less. Mainly combined with the current fashion trends, so that consumers can quickly and easily choose what they need.

  Hao Yu said that consumers are paying more and more attention to the experience of the entire hair dyeing process, and hair dyeing has become more and more enjoyable.

Color fixation and hair care is a current research and development trend, and it is also an important demand for consumers to improve their hair coloring experience.

  (Some characters in the text are pseudonyms)

  An Yanjing