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Report from Reunion: the Creole language at school

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In his CP class at Laurent Vergès elementary school in Le Port, Stéphane Marcy teaches Creole one day a week.

The rest of the time, it alternates with French.

© Margot Hemmerich

By: Emmanuelle Bastide |

Margot Hemmerich

In Reunion, 80% of the population is Creole speaking.

However, only 5% of the 8,000 teachers on the island are qualified to teach Creole.


Twenty years after the creation of CAPES in 2001, attitudes are slowly changing.

National Education now recognizes the educational need to rely on children's mother tongue from an early age, but the weight of the colonial past continues to make Creole a less valued language than French. 

Report by 

Margot Hemmerich

 in kindergarten and CP classes and with the various actors involved in the field and in the institution to develop bilingualism on the island. 

Rebroadcast of the program of December 17, 2021


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