Approximately 10,000 wind chimes decorate the temple grounds in Tagawa City, Fukuoka Prefecture, and visitors are enjoying the cool summer scenery that they visited early.

In the precincts of Mitsui-ji Temple in Tagawa City, wind chimes are displayed every year at this time of year, and the road of about 10,000 wind chimes stretches for 50 meters.

The wind chimes are accompanied by strips of wishes, and many of them wish for the end of the new corona and peace in Ukraine.

When the wind blows through, a cool tone echoes, and when the strips sway all at once, the precincts are already colored with the summer scenery.

A man who came to shoot said, "It's beautiful. I'm surprised that the number of wind chimes is increasing every year."

Her mother, who visited with a girl who said she was "fun", said, "The number of wind chimes was so great that the wind was blowing and it was beautiful."

The 10,000 wind chimes at Mitsui-ji Temple can be enjoyed throughout September.