China News Service, Guangzhou, May 25th (Cai Minjie Chengguang Gathering) Disused bicycle sheds have become "pocket gardens", abandoned waste water ponds have been reborn into beautiful lotus ponds, and nursery rhymes and murals have been renovated to reproduce neighborhood memories... In recent years, Guangzhou city management and comprehensive law enforcement The bureau said on the 25th that the city's urban management department promoted the improvement of the appearance and quality of the community through "embroidery kung fu".

  Fengyuan Street is a traditional residential block in Xiguan, Guangzhou, with granite paved roads and historical buildings with unique Xiguan style.

However, due to disrepair and inadequate management, the community has dilapidated infrastructure, disorderly construction, cluttered environment, and breeding of mosquitoes and flies and other city appearance and environmental problems that plague residents' lives.

  In the past two years, in order to promote the cultivation and improvement of the appearance and quality of the community, the Guangzhou urban management department has systematically upgraded the green vegetation, leisure space, damaged roads, municipal public facilities, and historical buildings in the communities under the jurisdiction of Fengyuan Street.

The refurbished Xiguan folk murals were photographed by Chengguangju

  The Huang Junying Art Museum, known as "Cantonese Cross Talk Master" and "Yangcheng Comedian", is located in Yaohua Community on Fengyuan Street.

The improvement of the appearance and quality of the community has benefited the art museum a lot.

  The relevant person in charge of Huang Junying Art Museum said: "Because of the long history, the road here was bumpy before, but after the upgrade, the overall environment of the block has become better, which brings more opportunities to tourists who come to visit. A good experience can also better help us promote the spread of art and culture.”

  The relevant person in charge of the Guangzhou urban management department introduced that the overall improvement of the appearance and quality of the community is a livelihood project initiated by Guangzhou in 2021 to systematically improve the living environment of the community. Many issues, broken walls, and "three-line" chaos are the key content, a small amount of financial funds are invested to support the foundation, and social forces are leveraged to participate widely.

  At the same time, the overall improvement of the appearance and quality of the community also focuses on digging out the historical endowment of the community and cultivating the characteristic culture of the community.

On this basis, a group of quality-looking communities can radiate and drive the overall improvement of the city's community appearance and environment.

The "pocket garden" of the Xiguan Mansion in Yaohua Community was photographed by Cheng Guangju

  It is understood that since the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", Guangzhou has successfully cultivated 180 municipal-level communities of appearance and quality, and solved more than 10,000 problems of residents' distress, benefiting 3.2 million citizens.

  Walking into the "Pocket Garden" in Yaohua Community on Fengyuan Street, the style of its distinctive "Xiguan Mansion" is eye-catching.

However, it was originally an old bicycle shed with a dirty environment.

In the process of cultivation and upgrading, residents moved in green plants to decorate the space, and donated waste bed boards to make garden fences. This sanitary "black spot" eventually became the current "pocket garden" with a broad vision and full of vitality.

  Tian Zhonghua, deputy to the Guangdong Provincial People's Congress and director of the Information Department of the Provincial Energy Conservation Center, has a lot of feelings about the changes in Fengyuan Street: "I think the changes in the community are very obvious, although we have not seen any new buildings or major renovations. But as soon as you enter, the feeling is meticulous, and people can feel the happy life here in subtleties." (End)