China News Service, Ningbo, May 25th (Lin Bo and Zhang Xiao) Who do people live for?

Live for others?

Or live for yourself?

  In the 62 years of Zhou Ning's 62-year life, "Ningbo Good Man" in Zhejiang, most of his time was for others.

Alone, he raised his nephew who fell to the ground until he was 12 years old, spent 10 years taking care of his paralyzed mother until his death, and spent another 10 years caring for his seriously ill father...

  Zhou Ning said that taking care of his nephew is a promise to his dead twin brother, and that it is the responsibility of a son to support his parents.

  Now, Zhou Ning's figure has appeared again at the nucleic acid testing point in Feishi North, Zhuangqiao Street, Jiangbei District, Ningbo City, sometimes maintaining order, reminding citizens to keep distance, and sometimes answering various questions patiently.

She has been unmarried and took care of her nephew for more than ten years

  In 1960, a pair of twins fell to the ground. Because they were born in Ningbo, the elder brother's name was Zhou Ning, and the younger brother's name was Zhou Bo.

The relationship between the brothers has been very good since childhood. Zhou Ning, the elder brother, always takes care of his younger brother.

  Since their parents are soldiers, they yearn for life in the military since childhood.

Finally reached the right age. Unexpectedly, there is only one place to join the army.

At that time, Zhou Ning made a concession and let his younger brother join the army first.

Unexpectedly, in the second year, Zhou Ning was found to have a vas deferens tumor in the medical examination of the recruits, and he never got the chance to join the army again.

  Zhou Ning's life was paused, and he secretly decided that since fate had already played a card, he would catch it, "At that time, I wanted to not get married for the rest of my life, so as not to harm others."

  In September 1989, Zhou Bo's child was born.

Because of the husband and wife's health, the task of taking care of the nephew fell to Zhou Ning.

  He took over the thin and thin baby in the swaddling clothes of his younger brother, and started the road of "Nursing Dad" clumsily.

  Slowly, he learned to feed milk powder, make rice flour, and chop vegetables to make simple baby food.

  And just like that, ten years passed in the blink of an eye.

  Unpredictable circumstances, in an explosion accident, Zhou Bo died on duty.

Before dying, Zhou Bo held Zhou Ning's hand tightly, but he couldn't say something he wanted to say.

  Perhaps, the twins can communicate with each other. Zhou Ning looked into his brother's eyes seriously and said to him, "Don't worry, whether you are here or not, it is the same as before. I will help you take care of the children."

  After listening to this sentence, Zhou Bo nodded and shed tears.

  And this promise has been kept for decades.

  Zhou Ning said that for so many years, he has deep feelings for the child.

When he was a child, the child called him "Big Daddy" and Zhou Bo "Little Daddy", and he had long regarded the child as his own.

A group photo of Zhou Ning and his parents.

Photo courtesy of Zhang Xiao

Supporting parents and caring for ten years

  After so many years, Zhou Ning was very open-minded, although he didn't have a family: "If I hadn't been alone, I wouldn't have been able to give my parents the care of their lives."

  More than 20 years ago, Zhou Ning's mother suffered from diabetes. She was first blind, then amputated, and could never get out of bed again.

Before the hospital bed, he promised his mother, "Don't worry, I will take good care of you and let you walk decently."

  Every day, after he got up early, he helped his mother get up to wash, and then took care of food and drink.

Because the mother is fat, he needs to take a bath and wash his hair on a plastic stool, and then scrub.

  In fact, the most difficult thing is that mothers who suffer from hemorrhoids often encounter difficulties when they defecate.

With diabetes, straining too hard during bowel movements can cause the blood vessels around the hemorrhoids to burst, causing more serious damage.

  So, every time he had a bowel movement, he would carefully lift his mother out of bed, let her hang her hands around his neck, and then hold her waist to help pull out the excrement.

  Accompanied by Zhou Ning, there was not a single bedsore on his mother's body when she passed away.

  Three months after his mother's death, Zhou Ning's father fell ill again.

  "My father is also diabetic." Zhou Ning said that the doctor told him to take good care of his father to live an extra five years. "But I don't think five years is enough. It has to be rounded up to ten years."

  In the end, Zhou Ning's father lived to be 95 years old.

Exactly ten years, as he promised.

  "Parents have the grace to nurture, and it is only natural to take care of them. Since you have promised, you must do it." Zhou Ning said.

Zhou Ning flips through reports about his father Zhou Shishan.

Photo courtesy of Zhang Xiao

Live the promise with your life

  Zhou Ning's father, Zhou Shishan, was a veritable hero.

In 1955, Zhou Shishan was awarded an honorary title to become a captain of the air force, and later transferred to the navy. In 1962, he was a captain of the navy.

In the 1970s, Zhou Shishan became a Lei Feng model for the whole army to study in the "People's Daily".

  Despite his financial constraints, Zhou Shishan always generously donated money to those in need.

  "A lot of things, if you don't bring them in life, you don't take them with you in death, we can just starve to death." This is what Zhou Shishan often said to Zhou Ning.

  In Zhou Ning's eyes, his father is an example to lead by example.

  On February 15, 2021, Zhou Ning saved a person.

  On that day, the temperature was only 5 degrees Celsius. On his way home, he found someone fell into the water.

Zhou Ning jumped into the river without much thought and rescued the other party.

Zhou Ning left silently after seeing the drowning person being taken to the hospital by the police.

  In fact, the last time Zhou Ning went swimming was 30 years ago. "In the past two years, he experienced a car accident and was hit with four broken ribs, and some broken bones were left in his knee joint. He has been left with the sequelae of walking inconvenience."

  But when someone fell into the water, Zhou Ning jumped into the river without hesitation.

  Because of his courageous actions, Zhou Ning was selected as "Ningbo Good Man".

At Qingming that year, he respectfully placed the certificate of bravery for justice and the certificate of preferential treatment in front of his parents' tombs...

  Throughout his life, Zhou Ning has been practicing one promise after another.

Honesty and trustworthiness are the foundation of people.

Even though life is fickle and always unable to grasp the so-called meaning, Zhou Ning can always see a ray of light in the fulfillment of promises again and again, connect the fresh life, and write a great life in the ordinary.