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Hours of work, makeup and preparation for Eurovision to be perfect.

Chanel, after practically leading Spain to victory, had to deal with the aftermath.

The tears, the lack of sleep, the tension, the rubbing of the eyes to dry the tears and more makeup than it should on the cornea, are the secrets that the singer hid behind the sunglasses during the Fiestas de San Isidro, in Madrid .



interpreter was afraid of giving a "freaked out image", so she justified herself to her fans.

"There have been days of contained emotions, her eyes were red, swollen and itchy. I have conjunctivitis from crying so much,"

she explained.

Whether caused by viruses, bacteria, chemicals, or allergies, conjunctivitis is

inflammation of the conjunctiva,

a thin, transparent mucous membrane that covers the surface of the eye.

After hours of emotions mixing makeup with tears, the conjunctiva suffers, the eyelids swell and the eye becomes photosensitive, says

José Manuel Benítez del Castillo

, vice president of the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology (SEO).

But nothing that has no solution.

Conjunctivitis, depending on the type, is self-limited, that is, "it

has a time limit,

for example, the bacterial one improves with antibiotics, but if you do not take anything, it will disappear on its own, at most in 10 days," the expert clarified.

In the case of bacterial conjunctivitis, we use antibiotics to treat it;


Chanel's "self-diagnosed" conjunctivitis, sunglasses were used,

or so the Spanish representative in Eurovision explained in the program

La noche D.

In addition to protecting the eyes, there are

home remedies to improve symptoms

and make it more bearable

"The first recommendation, and the most useful, is to use

physiological serum or cold artificial tears

that make the blood vessels contract, the eye stops being red and in turn helps to clean it," recommends Benítez del Castillo.

The chamomile bag is not a myth.

"The anti-inflammatory capacity of this infusion has been demonstrated. Placing the bag over the eye, once infused and cold, will help reduce the swelling of the eyelids," he explains, adding that the water from Madrid is also a miracle, "leaving it running through the eyes also works," he says.

The singer's case could be a chemical conjunctivitis,

"the result of the excessive presence of cosmetics in the eyes

," explains the specialist.

The eye becomes red and discomfort begins along with a watery discharge, he notes.

But nothing that cannot be relieved with the above indications.

Although there are several techniques to find out what type of conjunctivitis you have, certain symptoms help to identify what it is.

In the case of allergies, "the patient has an

itching sensation

accompanied by a watery rheum. In addition, it appears at times depending on what the patient is allergic to."

At this time, they will be allergic to olive trees and grasses.

But what do we do to improve it?

Wait for the season to pass and take



Once spring is over, the pools arrive, where the inflammatory disease increases by 30%

. Chlorine is the perfect chemical to alter the cornea.

"Cold artificial tears are your best ally, they clean your eye and calm it down at the same time," says the expert.

But, of course, "the patient is prohibited from using the pool until the conjunctivitis disappears" and

he should not share a towel or creams.

This inflammation can also be caused by bacteria or a virus.

In the case of bacterial conjunctivitis, the patient can identify it by "its purulent secretion accompanied by the sensation of the presence of a foreign body", comments Benítez del Castillo.

It would be enough to take an antibiotic, although "they are self-limiting, in a matter of a few weeks it would disappear on its own, as long as the patient complies with the recommended hygienic measures," he adds.

Viral conjunctivitis is more complicated.

Lacking pharmacological treatment and its high degree of contagion, the main thing is "to avoid contact with other people, since it

can be transmitted by microdroplets, like Covid"

, Explain.

She is usually accompanied by a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes.

Once overcome, the body responds immunologically with white spots or "corneal infiltrates" that reduce vision.

Expert advice to avoid contagion

From the Spanish Society of Ophthalmology they recommend

washing your hands frequently

and alternately with a hydroalcoholic gel.

In addition, you must avoid touching your eyes despite the itching and resort to the use of artificial tears always for individual use.

To clean eye secretions, experts advise washing your hands before and after coming into contact with the eye and removing the excess with a cotton gauze or soft tissue.

Avoid sharing cosmetic products, towels and sheets,

in addition to washing them regularly.

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