Guillaume Dominguez, edited by Solène Delinger 2:37 p.m., May 25, 2022

"Top Gun Maverick", sequel to the famous 1986 film, was released in theaters this Wednesday.

Europe 1, radio partner of the feature film, went to meet the fans.

Did the second opus of "Top Gun" seduce them?

At the exit of the UGC de Bercy, in Paris, the spectators seemed more than conquered.

Thirty-six years after the release of the first

Top Gun

, in 1986, Tom Cruise returns to service with an exceptional second opus.

Europe 1, radio partner of the film released in theaters this Wednesday, went to meet the fans of the first hour.

Were they won over by the adventures of Pete Mitchell? 

"I am very admiring"

"I loved it. I'm a big fan of aviation and Tom Cruise's performance is just incredible," says a spectator at the exit of the UGC de Bercy, in Paris.

What marked her in this film?

"Everything, all the aerial ballets. All the performances. I am very admiring", she continues at the microphone of Europe 1. 

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"Tom is above all"

Tom Cruise, 36 years after the release of the first film, is he still as convincing?

"Still as convincing, still as beautiful. And then there you go, I'm a fan," she admits.

Joseph Kosinski, the director of

Top Gun: Maverick, 

himself poured out on the talent of the star in an interview for the magazine



"I had the opportunity to work with a number of actors who had great success and long careers," he testified.

"Tom is above all else. He approaches each day with the same enthusiasm as if it were his first film, while putting the same energy as if it were his last. It's a good attitude. Take nothing for granted, to give 110% every day. I am amazed that after 40 years of career, he still loves what he does so much and that he does not slow down. On the contrary, he accelerates.