The fourth inoculation of the new coronavirus vaccine began on the 25th for people over the age of 60 and people over the age of 18 with underlying illness.

Since the main purpose of the 4th vaccination is to prevent aggravation, the target is limited to those aged 60 years or older, those aged 18 years or older with an underlying disease, or those who are judged by a doctor to be at high risk of aggravation. Will be done.

The vaccination interval is 5 months from the 3rd time, and individual vaccinations can be received at medical institutions using Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, and large-scale vaccination venues are also set up in Tokyo and other areas.

Inoculation began on the 25th in some local governments such as Minato-ku and Koto-ku, Tokyo.

Other local governments will start sequentially as soon as they are ready.

Inoculation tickets are mailed from the local government to people over the age of 60, but since the local government cannot identify people with underlying illnesses, they can be mailed to those who have made a declaration or to all people over the age of 18. Correspondence differs depending on the municipality.

Regarding the fourth vaccination, some local governments and organizations created by facilities for the elderly have requested that medical staff and long-term care staff be included in the target, but the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has a policy of not changing the target for the time being. "If it is judged that the risk of serious illness is high, you can receive vaccination, so please consult your family doctor."