Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder of the Internet bulletin board "2channel", has been appointed as an advisor to cooperate in PR activities in Nakama City, Fukuoka Prefecture.

Hiroyuki Nishimura, also known as "Hiroyuki", who lives in France and is the founder of the Internet bulletin board "2channel", was appointed as an advisor.

On the 24th, the signing ceremony of the agreement was held at Nakama City Hall, and Mr. Hiroyuki attended online from France.

In this, Mayor Kenji Fukuda said, "I hope that young people in the city will interact with Hiroyuki through SNS and think about Japan and their own way of life in the future."

Hiroyuki said, "I want to try something in Nakama that I can't do in a big municipality and get results."

Mr. Hiroyuki will make suggestions and advice on PR activities of the city and communication using the Internet in the future.

All the rewards as an adviser will be donated to facilities for children in Nakama City.

Hiroyuki said, "In order to promote local governments, it is important to properly convey the contents of the measures. I would like to think of a system that allows people to receive education without spending money."