In the "Morinaga arsenic milk poisoning incident" that occurred 67 years ago, a 68-year-old woman in Osaka who had cerebral palsy when she was an infant claimed that "the compensation for the victims whose symptoms continue to worsen is insufficient". Then, Morinaga Milk Industry, which produced powdered milk mixed with arsenic, was sued for a consolation fee of 55 million yen.

The complaint was filed in 1955, when arsenic was mixed in the powdered milk produced by Morinaga Milk Industry, and the baby who drank the milk died and suffered damage in the "Morinaga arsenic milk poisoning incident" with severe aftereffects. I'm a 68-year-old woman from Osaka City.

According to the complaint, a woman drank powdered milk when she was an infant and suffered from cerebral palsy, etc., and her left half of her body became difficult to move. It was certified as the first grade with the heaviest disability grade.

Morinaga Milk Industry claims that it receives an allowance of about 70,000 yen every month from the association that provides relief services for the victims of the incident, but claims that it is insufficient as compensation for the victims whose symptoms continue to worsen. In response to this, the Osaka District Court filed a lawsuit seeking compensation of 55 million yen as a compensation for suffering mental distress.

The plaintiff's woman said, "While I'm feeling sick, I don't know when I'll be bedridden. Morinaga Milk Industry has no apology, and I think the association has an attitude and relief that ignores serious victims." I'm talking to you.

Morinaga Milk Industry "The complaint has not arrived"

Regarding the complaint, Morinaga Milk Industry says, "We have not received the complaint, so we will refrain from commenting."

More than 60 years after the outbreak, the relief of the victims after that

In the "Morinaga arsenic milk poisoning incident" 67 years ago, in 1955, arsenic harmful to the human body was mixed in the powdered milk produced by Morinaga Milk Industry, and about 130 infants who drank this powdered milk died and had serious aftereffects. It was an incident in which more than 13,000 victims were found, mainly in western Japan, with some remaining.

In order to rescue the victims, in 1973, the government, Morinaga Milk Industry, and the victims' group created a confirmation letter stating that Morinaga Milk Industry will be obliged to rescue the victims and will bear the cost of the relief. The "Hikari Association" was established to provide relief for victims.

In the relief business of the association, there was no uniform lump sum payment to the victims, but to date, monthly allowances have been paid to victims with disabilities.

The allowance is calculated by examining the victim's disability grade and whether he / she can do household chores, and about 30,000 to 70,000 yen is paid to the victim every month, and Morinaga Milk Industry bears the entire cost. I am.

According to the association, the beneficiaries are aging, but there are few consultations that their symptoms have changed.

If the symptoms change, such as when the disability becomes severe, the secretariat of the association is said to be consulting at regular visits or by telephone, and is reviewing the amount of payment again.

According to the association, as of the end of March, 13,459 victims have been certified, of which 1574 have already died and 571 are receiving benefits.