An expert meeting of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare was held to advise on measures against the new coronavirus, and while the number of infected people nationwide continues to decline except in some areas, infected people under the age of 10 are in many areas. In addition to the remarkable increase, the number of people at night is increasing, so we called for continued thorough basic infection control and physical condition management.

According to the expert meeting, the current infection situation has not continued to increase nationwide since the latter half of the Golden Week holidays, and it has fallen below the peak of the fifth wave last summer in the Tokyo metropolitan area, especially in Okinawa Prefecture. Then, it has exceeded the peak from the end of last year, and the number of infected people continues to be the highest in the whole country, so caution is required.

By age group, the number of infected people under the age of 10 has increased remarkably in many areas, and the proportion of infected places such as schools, nursery centers, and kindergartens remains high. ..

In addition, the number of people in downtown areas at night is increasing in more than half of the country, and in some areas it is increasing near the peak of the end of last year, which will affect the infection situation in the future. He pointed out that he needs to be careful.

On the other hand, regarding the medical system, the bed usage rate has been declining in nearly half of the country, and even in Okinawa Prefecture, where the deterioration has continued until now, the number of hospitalized patients and the bed usage rate have started to decrease. , The usage rate of severely ill beds remains in the 20% range and remains unchanged.

In light of these infections and the situation of the medical system, the expert meeting is concerned about the re-expansion of the infection, so we will further promote the third vaccination and refrain from going out if we are a little sick. He called for proper wearing of masks, washing hands, and thorough basic infection control measures such as avoiding even one denseness.

However, it is not always necessary to wear a mask if you can secure a distance from the people around you outdoors, or if you have little conversation even if you cannot keep a distance, and children before entering elementary school should wear a mask. He pointed out that it is necessary to widely publicize what is not required uniformly.

Number of newly infected people in one week 0.91 times that of the previous week

According to the materials presented at the expert meeting of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the number of newly infected people in the week up to the 24th has decreased by 0.91 times compared to the previous week in the whole country.

In 1 metropolitan area and 3 prefectures

▽ Tokyo Metropolitan area 0.92 times

▽ Kanagawa prefecture 0.91 times

▽ Saitama prefecture 0.82 times

▽ Chiba prefecture 0.90 times


▽ Osaka prefecture 0.92 times

▽ Hyogo prefecture 0.91 times

▽ Kyoto prefecture 0.99 times

▽ In Tokai, 0.95 times in Aichi prefecture ▽

0.99 times in Gifu prefecture

▽ 0.98 times in Mie prefecture, which is a decrease from the same level in various places.

In addition

, ▽ Hokkaido is 0.81 times

▽ Miyagi prefecture is 1.00 times

▽ Hiroshima prefecture is 0.91 times

▽ Fukuoka prefecture is 0.95 times

the number of infected people is the highest

▽ Okinawa prefecture is 0.91 times.

The number of newly infected people increased from the previous week in 5 prefectures:

▽ Tokushima prefecture 1.09 times

▽ Kumamoto prefecture 1.03 times

▽ Nagano prefecture, Shiga prefecture and Ehime prefecture 1.02 times.

The number of infected people per 100,000 in the last

week has decreased from the previous week, but Okinawa Prefecture is by far the largest, at 931.32.

Next is

▽ Miyazaki prefecture with 297.69 people

▽ Hokkaido with 290.61 people

▽ Ishikawa prefecture with 288.74 people

▽ Hiroshima prefecture has 279.67 people

▽ Kagoshima prefecture has 275.52 people


▽ Osaka prefecture has 219.20 people

▽ Tokyo has 172.11 people ▽ There are 187.80 people


Chair Wakita Mutant virus "needs to be closely monitored"

At a press conference held after an expert meeting of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Chairman Takaji Wakita said that mutant viruses such as "BA.4" and "BA.5" of Omicron strains, which are concerned about the spread of infection, were "overseas." In some countries, it has been reported that the proportion of these viruses in Omicron strains is increasing, and it has been argued that there is a new risk of influx if border measures are relaxed in the future. It has been suggested that it may be more proliferative than the Omicron strain, so it is necessary to closely monitor it. "

Regarding wearing a mask, "It may not be fully known in what situations you should remove the mask, or it may be difficult to do it. We will promote understanding in an easy-to-understand manner. I think that's important. It's important to make sure that you understand that there are situations where you can remove the mask depending on the risk, both outdoors and indoors. "

Regarding the 4th vaccination, "Since the purpose of the 4th vaccination is mainly to prevent aggravation, the target of vaccination is people over 60 years old and those at risk of aggravation. It is important to actively inoculate. We do not have enough scientific data on whether to expand the target of the 4th inoculation, so we will collect information and discuss it thoroughly in the future. I want to continue. "

Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Goto 4th inoculation "close cooperation with local government"

Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Goto said about the fourth inoculation of the new corona vaccine, "We can start today, but we will continue to work closely with local governments so that it can be carried out smoothly."

Regarding the medical care provision system, "We reported that 65% of all facilities were able to secure cooperating medical institutions in advance on the 28th of last month, but as a result of thorough efforts, the system was 94% as of the 24th. I was able to confirm the construction of. "

On top of that, "For the people, even in the situation of regaining their daily lives, based on the idea of ​​wearing masks mentioned above, we will thoroughly implement basic infection control measures such as wearing masks, washing hands, avoiding three sickness and ventilation. I want you to keep in mind. "