The second actress, Xiulian, became popular with "Instant Universe"

  Michelle Yeoh gets "the recognition that Hollywood has always owed her"

  In 2000, Michelle Yeoh played Xiulian in Ang Lee's "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", which opened the way for Michelle Yeoh to Hollywood; in 2022, Michelle Yeoh will play Xiulian again in "The All Cosmos". The bursting movie made her, who is about to celebrate her 60th birthday, become popular again.

The Hollywood Reporter said that Michelle Yeoh, the successful representative of "All the Cosmos", has finally won "the recognition that Hollywood has always owed her" after her status as a beauty pageant champion and a martial arts star.

According to statistics, Michelle Yeoh is the first Asian actress over 44 years old to star in a Hollywood film in the past 20 years.

  "Finally someone understands that I can do it all"

  The kung fu sci-fi film "All Universe in a Moment" is directed by Dan Kwan and Daniel Schnatter, starring Michelle Yeoh, Jamie Lee Curtis, Guan Jiwei, etc. It tells that Xiulian played by Michelle Yeoh is facing a middle-aged dilemma: her husband wants to marry She is divorced, her daughter is rebellious and alienated, her father is always dissatisfied with her, and the laundry shop she runs has all kinds of troubles... As a result, she is suddenly told by her husband from another universe: there are many universes in the world, and there are many "shes", and there are many "shes" in the world. The fate of these "hers" in the underworld is related, and the fate of these many universes is now in the hands of this "her".

The film was released in North America on March 25 this year. With its imaginative imagination, as well as its funny and allegorical hybrid style, the film made the audience hooked. The Rotten Tomatoes index was 97%, making it the biggest dark horse this year.

  It is reported that directors Dan Kwan and Daniel Schnatter were originally Jackie Chan fans, and the script of "The All Cosmos" was originally tailored for Jackie Chan.

As a result, in the process of creation, he found that the protagonist was changed to a woman, and the conflict was stronger.

And Michelle Yeoh's performance in "Crazy Rich Asians" shocked the two directors - it turns out that Michelle Yeoh can not only "play", but her acting skills are so good.

  Michelle Yeoh's ten-minute love for "The Universe in a Moment": In an interview with foreign media, when it comes to emotional parts, she even cried, "This is the script I've been looking forward to for a long time, and I finally have the opportunity to show it to my fans, family and audience. My ability. I can prove to them that I can be funny, sincere, sad. Finally someone understands that I can do it all.”

  In Michelle Yeoh's view, Xiulian in the film is very universal and is a very hard middle-aged immigrant. "She used all her strength to maintain her family and tried to prove to her family that she was a successful person. Having seen Xiulian's shadow on her body, she felt obligated to tell their story."

  The role of Xiulian made Michelle Yeoh feel the real feeling, "Although it is a multi-universe setting, the story is believable." Michelle Yeoh laughed and said that she was often confused and confused when shooting on the set, but this is precisely Xiulian. Feelings—she jumps in time and space, which is a state of confusion and division.

During the shooting process, she can't help but put herself in, thinking like Xiulian: "Am I a loser? Can I do better?"

  "Back then in Hong Kong, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and I couldn't buy insurance"

  Michelle Yeoh said that her own personality is that she refuses to give up. "Because you give up or give in, you have already lost." This spirit of "refusing to give up" has also achieved her title of "Asia's No. 1 Hit Girl".

  Michelle Yeoh was born in Malaysia in 1962, her family is very good, she began to study ballet at the age of 4, and was admitted to the Royal Academy of Dance at the age of 17. Later, she was unable to become a professional ballet dancer due to spinal injuries.

In 1983, her mother reported to Michelle Yeoh for the Miss Malaysia pageant, and she won the championship, and she began to enter Hong Kong, China.

In 1984, Michelle Yeoh and Sammo Hung, Lin Zixiang, Ip Dexian and others co-starred in "The Owl and Dumbo" and filmed her first film.

  In Hong Kong, Michelle Yeoh has taken a lot of action movies.

She practiced martial arts with Sammo Hung for more than half a year before filming her second film "Sister Royal".

So, when filming "Sister Royal", she personally completed dangerous actions such as wearing glass in the play.

With this film, Michelle Yeoh was nominated for the Best Newcomer Award at the Hong Kong Film Awards that year.

  After that, Michelle Yeoh made her own name as "beating women", but the price paid behind it was daunting.

The action scenes in the movie are so dangerous that insurance companies are reluctant to cover them.

She once said: "At that time in Hong Kong, there were three people who could not buy insurance, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and me."

  When filming Xu Anhua's "A Jin", Michelle Yeoh was about to jump off an 18-meter-high flyover.

Unexpectedly, she landed on a passing truck and fell heavily to the ground. She almost fell to a paralysis.

At the time, when Quentin Tarantino went to Hong Kong to visit her idol Michelle Yeoh, she could barely move.

Quentin said, "I've seen all of your films, and I've studied your action scenes frame by frame." Michelle Yeoh later said, "After talking to him, I knew I was alive. I love what I do. Everything I did, it was a turning point in my life, and I paid my tuition."

  After the injury, Michelle Yeoh took the role of "007 Tomorrow Empire" and "played" to Hollywood.

  During the filming of "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", Michelle Yeoh tore the ligaments of her legs directly during a roundhouse kick and fell heavily from the wall.

After a month of treatment, she returned to the studio to continue filming.

Two weeks later, her hamstring broke again.

After the film was completed, Ang Lee said to the scene in which Michelle Yeoh was crying with Li Mubai's body at the end of the film: "I know that Michelle Yeoh was crying not only for the character's grievances, but also for her own bitterness. Later I cried too, because I I thought about the difficulty of filming by myself, so I understood her and followed her to tears behind the camera."

  Michelle Yeoh, who is about to turn 60 now, is still a leader in "beating women".

12 years ago, when "Sword Rain" was released, Michelle Yeoh was interviewed by a reporter from Beiqing Daily.

Asked if she was worried that she would not be able to eat physically when she was older, she replied at the time: "I don't seem to have this concern. I had a great time playing in the film this time. As I get older, my skills are getting better and better, because I have 'Internal strength' - able to understand myself better. When I was young, I was full of energy, but now I can see it clearly. Our martial arts instructor will always tell the students who don't work hard, Michelle Yeoh won't be as lazy as you guys. After I heard It's stressful."

  "Trust and love the film work you do"

  Michelle Yeoh made her debut in 1984. Her peers, such as Zhong Chuhong, Maggie Cheung, and Wang Zuxian, have long since retired, and her friend Anita Mui has passed away for many years; Chow Yun-fat, Jackie Chan, and Jet Li are also "young children".

Only Michelle Yeoh has been "charged into battle" on the front line.

  In 2018, "Crazy Rich Asians" starring Michelle Yeoh became a dark horse, giving the Asian actor group a great presence in Hollywood; in 2021, she starred in "Shang Qi", a first-line commercial blockbuster; The whole universe in an instant has become a hit again.

It is understood that she currently plans to release 7 movies and series, and James Cameron has booked her schedule from "Avatar 2" to "Avatar 5".

  In an interview with Asian actress Wu Shanzhuo recently, Michelle Yeoh once laughed and said that although she has been acting for so many years, she is still nervous, "Knowing that I will be on stage the next day, I have been sleepless the night before, and I will be worried about myself. The image is not perfect and will be embarrassing, but when you come to the stage and see everyone's enthusiasm and feel everyone's love, you will have courage." In addition to the audience's love, Michelle Yeoh said that another reason for her courage is trust and love. , "I trust and love the film work I do."

  In Michelle Yeoh's view, age is not a limit, it is more important to have connotation, strength and works.

  Michelle Yeoh is the real "sister who rides the wind and waves".