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"This is a call to all women whose hearts have been trampled on by their partners."

This is how the presentation of The Heartbreak Hotel begins, an old barn transformed into accommodation located on the coast of the county of


, in the United Kingdom, where beautiful views, warm fireplaces and seasonal dishes await to

"inspire and nurture the broken heart".

Because this is the reason for the retreats that this


hotel has offered since the end of 2021 : three-day programs (Friday to Monday) for a maximum of eight people designed to overcome heartbreak.

"If you have been betrayed and feel trapped in a vicious cycle of rumination and recrimination, this retreat is for you."

Founded by the psychologist

Alice Haddon

and the author and


Ruth Field

, the Heartbreak Hotel is another example of


therapeutic proposals that are beginning to appear in the tourism sector with the idea that the trip not only serves to discover a destination, but also to influence and have a personal impact on everyone.

The Heartbreak Hotel does not


a magic formula, but rather a way to

feel better.

As Field explains to EL MUNDO, a broken heart does not heal overnight: "You never get over it, but when you spend most of the day feeling hopeful and free again, you stop being trapped or depressed, and you can

focus in the rest of your life

and look to the future. This is a good start to get over it."

One of the hotel rooms.

The idea of ​​creating this hotel concept arose, like so many other things, during the pandemic.

"During the first UK lockdown in March 2020, Alice Haddon lost her mother and decided to take time out of her busy private practice to grieve. One day she heard a radio show about heartbreak in which a woman was talking about how she felt lost when she was


. She had nowhere to go, and no one to turn to for help. It is in this context that The Heartbreak Hotel was born."

Their mission is for guests to leave feeling "empowered."

The retreat consists of a combination of

therapy, learning, nature, nutrition

and techniques to overcome trauma.

In three days, the women receive "the equivalent of six weeks of sessions", in addition to consultations with specialists in heartbreak.

They also immerse themselves in the landscape, whether it be strolling along the

beaches of Norfolk

or the hills of the Peak District, or swimming in the sea.

Meals, prepared by a resident chef, are also designed to contribute to well-being.

Everyone remembers

Bridget Jones

eating ice cream and singing

All by myself

in her pajamas.

Is this a good technique for dealing with a breakup?

"In the early stages yes, when you're doing what you have to do and you need comfort,

but not in the long term!

" Field says.

"Diet can help boost our immune systems and help us feel good, but they alone can't overcome a loss."


Heartbreak Hotel.

Withdrawals from 2,9000 euros per person.

More information at www.theheartbreakhotel.co.uk

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