Astronaut Soichi Noguchi held a press conference before retiring from JAXA = Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, saying, "I want to give way to a junior astronaut after the third space flight. "I became." He stated the reason for his retirement.

Astronaut Soichi Noguchi (57 years old) held a press conference in Tokyo before he retired from JAXA on the 1st of next month.

In this, he decided to retire as the reason for his retirement was that he "finished his third space flight and soon wanted to give way to his junior astronauts. I did. "

When asked what impressed me most, he said, "When I first went to space, I saw the earth through a window in zero gravity. I became an astronaut to see it, so I forgot it for many years. It's an unbelievable sight. "

He added, "I am grateful to my family for supporting me, JAXA for raising me, and everyone who supported me."

Regarding the future, while wanting to talk after officially retiring, "I would like to cooperate in encouraging space development from the standpoint of the private sector and also be involved in the development of children who will lead the next generation. Since the number of people is increasing, I would like to be able to act as a "pilot guide". "

Mr. Noguchi was selected as an astronaut in the selection test conducted by the NASDA = National Space Development Agency of Japan in 1996, and made three space flights in 26 years.