Due to a large-scale leak at an intake facility in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, water supply for agricultural water in eight cities was suspended, and water supply was resumed on a trial basis in some areas on the 25th.

Due to a large-scale leak at the Meiji irrigation water intake facility on the Yahagi River in Toyota City, water supply to approximately 4,500 hectares of agricultural land in eight cities has been suspended since 17th this month.

The Tokai Regional Agricultural Administration Bureau said that as a result of proceeding with the work of installing a pump on the Yahagi River, a certain amount of water intake could be secured, and on the 25th, water was supplied on a trial basis to some areas such as Anjo City, Kariya City, and Okazaki City. Has resumed.

In the target area, staff from the Land Improvement Zone and the Tokai Regional Agricultural Administration Bureau opened the water taps on the paddy fields to check if water was coming.

According to the staff of the land improvement district who looked around the city of Okazaki, the water pressure is weak, so the amount of water is about one-third of the normal amount.

A farmer's man said, "I'm relieved if it comes out even a little, but I'm worried that it will be supplied stably in the future. I can't forgive the decision to prioritize the resumption of industrial water when rice production is most needed." I was talking.

The Tokai Regional Agricultural Administration Bureau and others are aiming to supply water to about 1000 hectares of paddy fields on the 25th, and after the 26th, they will continue to supply water by changing areas in order to secure the minimum water required for agriculture by the end of this month. We are in a hurry to restore it so that we can do it.