【Live sound】

  Just out of the pan, hot dishes, Kung Pao shrimp balls, fried peach chicken with sauce...

  Lamb's trotters, lamb's head, cold noodles and crispy chicken.

  [Explanation] On May 24, it was the 24th day that Beijing stopped dine-in.

On the streets of Beijing, there are gradually more fireworks.

Time-honored merchants have taken out tables or freezers and set up stalls.

Every meal time, the street cries are everywhere.

  [Concurrent] Guo Suhong, Deputy Manager of Catering Department of Tonghe Juyuetan Store

  Cold dishes, side dishes, cooked food, and pasta, including finished dishes, as well as semi-finished dishes.

Hundreds of copies are sold every day, and by five, six or seven o'clock in the afternoon, the freezer is basically empty, and many things are sold out.

  [Concurrent] Wang Hongqing, Deputy Manager of Tongchunyuan Hotel

  Since May 1st, dine-in has been stopped. In order to overcome the difficulties and allow the surrounding people to eat, they have been setting up outside stalls and stalls until now.

Whether it’s online, as well as our self-operated takeaways, as well as our group solitaire, we are all doing it.

  [Explanation] On the other hand, some merchants whose business types were not suitable for street sales tried to find another way.

Some hot pot restaurants have set up stalls to sell vegetables and fruits, while other kebab shops have developed new dishes such as braised food and crayfish.

  [Concurrent] Mao Ning, staff member of Kebab Wang

  There are no crayfish (previously), the epidemic began to sell, and the brine goods are recently (new).

Our family's main specialty is skewers, and it's impossible to put skewers out because they're freshly baked.

Can only put other things, think of other ways.

(Reporter: How is the sale?) The sale is okay, okay.

  [Explanation] The "fancy" survival of Beijing catering does not stop there.

In addition to joining platform takeaways, they have also begun to explore more ways to reach customers.

Ziguangyuan has started live streaming online for at least 8 hours a day.

Beijing Huatian Catering has set up an e-commerce company to develop an online mall.

  [Concurrent] Liu Sa, Assistant General Manager of Beijing Huatian Catering Holding Group Co., Ltd.

  After a lot of dine-in meals were banned, we considered making prepackaged pieces, and the entire time-honored brand, the operation during the epidemic period was equivalent to a self-help, such as our cold noodles in Yanji, and some sauces in Tongchunyuan Goods, the absolute value (of sales) is not high, but it is a slow growth.

  [Explanation] Although the sales are hot, there is still a gap between the actual sales of most merchants and the dine-in period.

  [Concurrent] Guo Suhong, Deputy Manager of Catering Department of Tonghe Juyuetan Store

  Compared with the expectations of dine-in, it is definitely not met.

The workload is much heavier than before. The post-chef chefs basically start preparing the items for sale at three or four o’clock in the morning. They can’t get off work at noon, and the same is true at night. Sometimes they work overtime until 10:00 and 11:00. .

It is also mainly (in order to) do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and we will continue to update and add varieties.

  [Concurrent] Wang Hongqing, Deputy Manager of Tongchunyuan Hotel

  Our (outdoor) maximum turnover is around 30,000 yuan, which is still far from our expectations. Its profit cannot be compared to our dine-in restaurant.

The first is to ensure supply, and to ensure food safety on the premise of ensuring supply.

I think the epidemic situation in Beijing is still developing in a positive direction, so as long as the epidemic does not end, we will provide meals to the end.

  Reported by Wang Shibo and Dong Yufei from Beijing

Responsible editor: [Sun Jingbo]