On the evening of the 25th, in Nihonmatsu City, Fukushima Prefecture, a series of damages that seemed to be caused by gusts caused roof tiles to fly and cars to roll over.

The city and fire department are checking the damage situation.

According to Nihonmatsu City and local fire departments, information was received one after another on the evening of the 25th that "there was damage from a gust of wind."

In a two-story apartment in Yui, Nihonmatsu City, roof tiles fell and the window glass of the car parked in the parking lot was broken.

A video taken by a person living in the opposite apartment at around 4:33 pm shows a car rolling over in a strong wind, and the roof tiles peeling off and scattering.

The person who took the picture said, "The wind suddenly became stronger and it was raining sideways, so I was worried about shooting the video, but after the window glass shook, the car in the parking lot jumped up." Was there.

Also, at Prefectural Adachi High School, which is about 500 meters southwest of the apartment, at around 4:45 pm, there was damage to four pieces of the corridor on the first floor of the school building and the windowpanes at the entrance. ..

It is believed that a part of the gymnasium roof was blown off by a gust and hit the window glass.

At that time, the students were not nearby.

According to the police and fire department, there has been no information about injured people so far.

According to the Sendai Local Meteorological Observatory, the radar was covered with clouds that seemed to be cumulonimbus clouds that developed near Nihonmatsu City from around 4:30 pm, and it was said that extremely heavy rain of 50 mm or more fell in one hour until 6:30 pm. It means that it can be done.