Kang-in Lee sent a gift for Jeong-eun Lee.

On the 25th, SBS 'Goal Strikers' (hereinafter referred to as 'Goal Girls'), a match between FC World Class and FC National Team, which will determine the fate of Group B, was held.

Today's match was the last game where the fate of Group B was at stake, and attention was focused on the result.

Prior to the match, Bae Seong-jae told an anecdote about Lee Jung-eun and Lee Kang-in.

After the last national team match, Lee Jung-eun's younger brother, Lee Kang-in, said to Lee Jung-eun, "If you did well, you would have won."

At this, Lee Su-geun shuddered, saying, "Is it European style to call your sister you?"

Then, Seongjae Bae said, "Even if he said that, he said that he even bought futsal shoes from Spain and sent them."

Lee Jung-eun, who received her brother's gift, caught her attention by revealing her determination to win today. 

(SBS Entertainment News Editor Kim Hyo-jung)