It is raining mainly in the central region right now, but it will gradually subside from the metropolitan area and will mostly stop at dawn.

However, in the northeast of Gyeonggi-do and northern Yeongseo of Gangwon-do, from the late afternoon of today (26th), the pressure valley in the north passes again, and it will rain occasionally until early tomorrow.

If you look at the expected precipitation, the maximum is 20mm in the northeastern part of Gyeonggi-do and the northern part of Gangwon-do, and about 5mm in the other central and southern regions.

Also, the wind will be very strong in the central region today.

You should check the outdoor facilities in advance, and a strong wind advisory has been issued in the mountainous areas of Gangwon.

Today's heat will take a break.

Seoul will be 24 degrees and Daejeon 26 degrees will be 2 to 5 degrees lower than yesterday.

Next Monday, another round of rain is expected across the country.

(Meteorological Caster Nam Yu-jin)