How did you hear it?

It's a song played with an instrument called Bandoneon, with the best Bandoneon player in Korea, Sangji Koh.

Q. ‘Bandoneon’…

Could you introduce what kind of instrument it is?

[Sangji Koh / Bandoneon player: Bandoneon is an instrument that plays a very important role in Argentine tango.

At first glance, it resembles an accordion, but it is a completely different instrument.

But since we have the same ancestors, you can think of them as cousins ​​and relatives.

Originally an instrument made in Germany in the mid-1800s, it was used for home and folk music in Germany, and then flowed to Buenos Aires, a port city in Argentina. Bandoneon became an important instrument for tango.]

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Q. Seoul Jazz Festival…

Meeting the audience after 3 years?

[Sangji Koh / Bandoneon player: I'm really looking forward to it too.

In particular, on this stage, guest cellist Jin-ho Hong and Forestella's Min-gyu Jo, the jazz musicians who are working with me, and the tango musicians, have a wonderful stage where jazz and tango are combined under the blue sky. I'm really looking forward to it, and I hope everyone will look forward to it.]

Q. It's called 'the devil's instrument'...

Is it difficult to play?

[Sangji Koh/Bandoneon player: I don't know exactly how it got its name, whether it was a devil's instrument because it was difficult, or it sounded like a devil, so I don't know exactly, but when the person who grabbed the instrument for the first time picked it up, the doremi pasolasido was out of order. It's spread out a little like this, and at will, the sound of opening and closing and the button's scale change irregularly again.

So it’s a bit special because I have to memorize all of that.]

Q. ‘Bandoneon’…

How did you come across it?

[Sangji Koh / Bandoneon player: It is a club activity as soon as I first enter university.

While I was in a rock band, I became interested in composing, and while composing, I suddenly wanted to try this instrument that made this mysterious sound.

I somehow managed to get Bandoneon in my hand, and after doing this little by little, people showed a little interest in it.

In fact, it seems that the problem of making a living would be difficult for me to change my profession from music to musician, and I didn't come forward so eagerly, but I started thinking that this instrument would be a blue ocean.]

Q. I heard that you went to Argentina to study abroad?

[Sangji Koh / Bandoneon player: That's right.

At that time, in the golden age of tango, in the heyday of tango, I found out that a school where the masters of the bands directly taught their style was free through the city's management, and I went to Argentina to take the test, and I stuck there and stayed there for two years as a master. I came here after listening to such performance techniques as an orchestra class.]

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Q. Collaborating with famous musicians…

What synergies are there?

[Sangji Koh/Bandoneon player: To say synergy, I am really nervous and very good to meet musician seniors whom I have admired like a god since I was young. Rather than synergy because I came to do this with the heart of

(Anchor: Aren't you a fan?) That's right.

I am a fan.]

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Q. Is there any field you would like to try in the future? 

[Sangji Koh/Bandoneon player: Actually, I did almost everything I wanted to do, and also did a lot of very large performances.

As a result, I have hardly ever been able to perform a performance in which only one person is really quiet.

The next thing I want to try is a solo concert by myself.

I would like to try a concert like this, a monologue in the dark and quietly alone.]

(Source: Private Curve Stomp Music JSbach Production Blog 'Frankie's Lonely Room')